Wednesday, November 3

Fraser's Hill

I've been trying so hard until the point of smashing the p1 w1max to upload this blog post in Penang. Hmmmphh..No wonder Streamyx is very "action" nowadays, they knew that no matter how bad their service is, the connectivity is still the best IN MALAYSIA only .

Well, the post that i was so keen to share with all my readers is about my recent trip to Fraser's Hill.

Fraser's Hill is about 108km from KL. And it can be one of your quickies to weekend getaway! It takes about 1hour 45mins uphill from KL. The road is narrow and a one-way system is being practiced. So, plan your schedule ahead if you would love to visit Fraser's Hill in future. (click here for basic info on Fraser's Hill)

Very many many many thanks to my girlfriend, Ms. Koko Koh~ who is so kind to organize such a splendid trip up there!

(R to L) RedButtockz Wern, Jasmine, Koko, MsXerOz & Cherry... fav pic!

(L To R) TianChad, xeRoZ, Jack, Raymond, Alex...

As soon as we arrived at the bottom of the hill, it started drizzling non stop. But i had a great ride uphill ^^! XerOz's words of wisdom " IF U VOMIT IN THE CAR, THE NEXT THING YOU'LL SEE IS THE OUTSIDE OF THE CAR"

So we swallowed everything inside...Who would wanna be in the rain, and the wind was ferocious!

We checked in Fraser's Pine Resort. The apartment we took had spacious balcony, living room, 3 bedrooms and 2 washroom. Perfect for a weekend getaway for all 13 of us!

I actually bought a maxi dress that i adored, but i daren't wear it. So it was my first time dressed in maxi. The good side of it, i felt very feminine.. (something i rather lack of) but the bad side of it, i look like a pregnant lady!

Lunch on Sat noon, was done in a very random, but quiet place. I ordered:-
Nasi Goreng Kampung + Telur (2 pax)
Roti Canai
Teh Tarik (4pax)
Mee Goreng
Kuih (3 ketul)
Total: RM19.00
The thing that i love about Fraser's Hill is the lush greenery, fresh air and peaceful quiet environment. I also love the English-Like houses... It's very beautiful!

Cold was the part and parcel of our vacation up there. We were accompanied by welcoming rain drops and winds... Even hot chicks turned frozen...

I enjoyed being in the cold environment.

The evening view..

Dinner is Steamboat BBQ DIY. Again have to thank Rachel Koko for the food preparation. She even had to babysit Baby Jasmine. Only God knows how tough it was being the organizer.


Close Friends Family...i guess?

Me and him..


The next morning, i woke up super early MOSQUITOES I WILL AVENGE FOR MY SLEEPLESS NIGHT! . Went for a walk downhill with some friends..

Nearby the apartment, there's horse riding, & archery activities.

I am afraid of horses not a fan of horses so i never took a ride. So, i took photographs of the nature instead =)

In Fraser's, I would ambitioned to be a policewoman and stationed here.

*****GROUP PICS*****


Schedule was abit delayed due to the rain on the 1st day. So our only activity is boat ride at Allan's Water. RM6/boat for 2persons (15mins). Quite fun!

Boat ride group photo!!!

Fuh~ Feel so tired as i just came back from Penang! So, i shall end here for tonight!
At the end of the year, Fraser's would be at it's lowest temperature. So, this would be the perfect opportunity! I'm definitely going Fraser's Hill again soon.

Here's how I would rate my holiday in Fraser's Hill:-
Environment : 9/10
Accommodation : 6/10
Food : 7/10 (can improve our steamboat and BBQ)
: 8/10 (restaurant food is also quite good, price is reasonable)

Bad side of Fraser's Hill: MOSQUITOES! Bring Shieldtox/Ridsect/Whatever! Be prepare for war!

Rachel Koko, when will be our next trip? Hehe XD


XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

the quote is "IF you vomit in the car, the next thing you'll see is the car from the OUTSIDE"

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

btw, is that a Family photo already??

RedButtockz Wern said...

rainy winding road is nice and im still afraid of that mysterious lady in blue

TianChad田七 said...

Ah wonder when I will able to blog bout this~~ ;p

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@XerOz, oh, i shall re-edit. On your 2nd comment, i dunno. LOL!

@RedButtockz Wern, next trip u'll see something red instead. And it will be hopping around u.

@TianChad, gambateh woi..

RK said...

woahhh ~~ *proud* hahaha ~ definately will do it again... next yr.. maybe.. XD !

Anonymous said...

Wow~ Nice Post~
I like the word:IF you vomit in the car, the next thing you'll see is the car from the OUTSIDE
Next time i can tell others. LOL~
Babysit Baby Jasmine?

SuFang (Careen) said...

NIce =D but never been thr >.<

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Rachelkoko, yeah, lets go Cameron Highlands then XD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Anonymous, haha, yeah u can use that and nobody dares to vomit =)