Thursday, November 25

HTC HD7: At One Glance

Yes! I have officially used the HTC HD7 for 24hours now. For me, it is still to early to judge. But I know that some of you out there would love to know at least, a little about this gadget.

#1: (Most of Girls Would Love This)
The HTC HD7 Can be one of the girl's accessories (from a girl's point of view, which is me!)- A Mirror. The reflection is very good, and clear. ^.^V

Yupz, Not edited ya! My reflection is on the 4.3" LCD screen of the HTC HD7. It was impressive for it to be BIG, HANDSOME, and REFLECTIVE.

The resolution of the screen is impressive too! This is my self-captured image as wallpaper.


Upon loading, i will be dished with all the "widget-like" icons. It really took me some time to explore 1 by 1. And exploration is in progress. I wont be writing about every function, but most probably will share with you all, which application is important to me.

The HTC Hub. Being a 1st timer on a HTC, this is really impressive!
Upon a click, something magical happened!

It was drizzling here(real time) and virtual raindrops can be seen at my phone screen. =) I kinda love when it rains now ^.^ V. I wonder whether there's virtual RAINBOW or not. XD

The other buttons are vertically alligned (without alphabetically arranged). I wonder whether I can rearrange it or not. (Have not experiment it). I would prefer if i can group some of the similar functions together, for personal convenience.

Once i clicked on the Game phone disappeared from my hand...

Apparently, someone kind wants to help me "test-run" on the game section.
Stay tune for next update =)

My doors are still open for ideas that you'd love me to try on the HTC HD7. So, drop me a comment if there's any special task you would want me to perform on it.

Good Night!

[This is a review under Maxis 10 Reviewers Programme]

Wednesday, November 24

It Begins With Congratulations..

The Maxis 10 Reviewer Programme is about independent voices giving their free, fair and unbiased reviews of the latest technologies and devices from Maxis. Being chosen as one of the 10 reviewers feels like winning a lottery! There's so many applicants for reviewers, and yet I was chosen by Maxis 10 for review of HTC HD7!

Althought I haven't really reviewed it, it was really an honor for me to blog my way onto the Wall of Reviewers. I am the 6th batch of reviewers.

The first person i would like to thank would be Atreyu Strange. She was the one who inspired me to apply for Maxis 10. Despite her being strange, i did listen to her. She even guided me the way to go Maxis Tower.

My journey there is also a big joke, I walked to a Maxis staff and asked " Hello, is this Menara Maxis?" I felt as though, i came from kampung... So i took my camera out and pretended to be a tourist =)

So, cut the long story short, after the briefing, signing forms and taking the phone.
Here it is..

Carefully, i opened it up, and took photos with it.

HONESTLY, taking photo of the HTC HD7 is not an easy task! The screen is so reflective that it can be a mirror! Everytime i wanted to take a photo of it, I can see my own face on the screen!

Physical appearance: Handsome. Big but not bulky.

I've never had an iPhone 3, not even close to iPhone 4, never ever had an Android (never knew what it is also). But I was warped into another time space for suddenly holding a WINDOWS PHONE.

Basically, these are the things i should learn about the HTC HD7.

But, i did the most important thing first. CHARGE IT!

So, feel free to drop me comments on THINGS YOU'D LOVE ME TO EXPERIMENT WITH THE PHONE.

MsXeRoZ aka Nicole.

Sunday, November 21

Shout Awards 2010!!! (Updated with Yuna and Mizz Nina's Performance Video)

This is my first year attending Shout Awards 2010, and it is also my first award show. I was surprised to see the number of people in the Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil. No doubt, this was one of the MOST HAPPENING shows in town. Thanks to Jestina for the tickets.

The world of the internet, especially social media sites is now abuzz with #ShoutAwards. This is the advantage of convenience communication. News of the Shout Awards winners are spreading like wild fire! So, I'll cut my long story short and feast you with some of my shots of the award show today.

The Super VIP seats for the celebrities.

The crowd, consisting of media and fans (at about 8.00pm)

Before the show started, the interviewer asked some questions to the audience.
"Who do you support tonight?" (something like that)
Audience " I came to support Miss Liza"
=.= Until the end of the show, Miss Liza didn't appear.

The opening dance act. *Awesome* with some acrobatic moves! Totally astounding!

The first performance by Faizal Tahir the Vocal King!
I was a fan of him during "One in A Million". He is truly a rockstar!

Reshmonu leaves an impression for tonight as well. With huge instruments and funky hair.

The Emcees are HOT too!
Sarah Lian, Hafiz and Henry Golding (not in this pic).

My favourite songstress/comedian, Adibah Noor and vocal queen Ning Baizura. I think Adibah Noor "shoot" Ning a couple of times, but it ended well. Eh Ning, i like ur heels XD

This is when Yuna won her first award. Despite being all covered up, her sense of fashion is very unique and suits her petite body shape. Keep it up Yuna!

Here's the performance by Yuna and Najwa

Lovely Aishah Sinclair and Cheryl Samad. Both are Malaysia's superb hostess/emcee/speaker. Wishing Aishah to share some of her post-natal body care! Just after giving birth, she's making her way into HOT MAMA list (1st in the spot is Daphne Iking)

Malaysia's TOP COMEDIANS in Cuci The Musical! I didn't expect them to dance and sing, but the sound system was REALLY BAD, we cant even hear a word they sang!
Nonetheless, it was an entertaining performance due to the colourful and bright costumes and their dance antics. featuring Harith Iskandar, Hans Isaac, Adflin Shauki and Nabil.

And bride-to-be Mizz Nina gracefully grab her 1st award for the night!
She was welcomed with cheers by the crowd. Truly impressive!
This award was presented by KRU.

Being good looking is simply perfect! Henry Golding (the emcee) also won in the HOT GUY Category. The prize? Being presented by 3 of Malaysia's Most Beautiful - Andrea Fonseka, Maya Karin and Daphne Iking.
(p/s Henry's not gonna wash his face tonight!)

I left early because I'm afraid of the jam and the sound quality is getting from bad to worse. At times, my ear cant stand the noise. (tsk tsk tsk)

Before i leave, here's Mizz Nina's performance:

Next year, hope every weakness is improved and lets invite the rising star~

to walk the purple carpet!

I wanted to snap a photo at the purple carpet too, but a bunch of guys keep "disturb us". I took a shot of Miss Wern and then we ran off to our car!

*P/S: I'm uploading 2 videos and it's still being in the progress, so come again tomorrow to watch Yuna & Mizz Nina's performance through my lens*

Till then,

For full news, performances and winners, visit ShoutAwards official webpage here.

MsXeRoZ Nicole...

Friday, November 19

DiGi Pimp My Music Event @ Zouk KL

When I saw the DiGi Music Event (with Mini Contest), I knew that i MUST participate in it. Why? Because I am a Nuffnang DiGi Angels, and being an Angel has proved that DiGi countlessly organized many wonderful events and parties. The entry qualification is as simple as ABC, all i need to do is tweet about my favourite Music Celebrity in the most creative way.

So here's what i did:"*Sings 2 * If i had u, money fame & fortune nvr could compete. My fav MusicCeleb is AdamLambert. Oh @pls grant my wish"

Even before Nuffnang select the participants, I already prepared my costume. Errr... Maybe it isn't a costume, I've prepared my "ornament" and blogged about it (Read it here: Party People Hey! It's Digi Pimp My Music Night).

Initially, i thought of going over as the BIG-RIBBONED girl (middle) from Orange Caramel (Korean-Pop Group). But I had 1 disadvantage, I didn't have a pink fluffy dress!

So, after the invites to the Digi Music Night is confirmed, I put on a 2nd plan.
A DIVERSION- Something that NO OTHER BLOGGERS, even my best buddies TianChad, Rachel Koko & Suresh would never imagined.


Who is she?
*opens eye*
Sun Mi (ex-member of WONDERGIRLS)

Then, the plan had to be executed...

And her comes Malaysian "Sun Mi" who is also a "K"-Pop Star!
(but the K stands for Kentut...ROFL)

I arrived quite late due to the bad traffic congestion along Jalan Ampang. But, nicely greeted upon arrival by my impostor idol, Adam Lambert Adam Robbert!

Both of us looking very "mengancam" with DiGi banner. The souls of Rockstars happened to flow into our body and we in turn, became Music Celebrities that night!

DiGi Pimp My Music Night, is an event to showcase DiGi's very own DiGiMusic Play! It is an application for iPhone users, and subscribers can enjoy unlimited music download access. Subscription is RM 5 (per month) ONLY! Nonetheless, DiGi is the 1st to offer iPhone application for UNLIMITED MUSIC *CooL isn't it?* At this point of time, DiGi Music Play has about 400,000 songs and has more than 15 000 users.

I took the opportunity to molest touch the iPhone 4 on displayed. Of course, played around with the DiGiMusic Play application. From a glance, i saw that there is many songs to be downloaded ranging from Lady Gaga to PapaRoti Pavarotti.

When I arrived, I thought the event haven't started, and food is just served. Then I realised that I missed the ice-breaking event! T_T

But thankfully, I didn't miss the highlight of the event- Getting To Know About DiGiMusic Play. Mr Darren Poon, gave us a detailed explanation on the Unlimited Music Application for iPhone. It makes me wanna own an iPhone too! As i mentioned earlier, the DiGiMusic Play is really worth the money (RM5/mth)! Even a daily car parking fees is more expensive than this! Mr Darren is has very good sense of humour! Those who paid attention to his presentation managed to walk away with goody bags!

Next, we were entertained by Dancing Music Celebrities!

Konco-konco Kak Ina KL (members of Kak Ina KL) were so sporting! They rock the stage for the Dancing Contest. You can spot Jason Mraz Dd Fabulous & Lady Gaga on stage). The contestants are required to play the Statue of Music. When the music is stopped, they had to freeze with the most creative post! The winner goes to Dd Fabulous Jason Mraz!

The 2nd part of Dancing Celebrities kick off with another batch of 5 celebs. When he music stopped, we were aghast that.. LADY GAGA (Jessica Tan) IS BEING *toooot* by ENRIQUE IGLESIAS! . This Enrique Iglesias is funny because he mentioned that he forgotten to put the "tahi lalat enrique" (Enrique's false signature mole)!

During the short break, a twitter contest is being held. 3 Questions were asked. The 3 fastest reply will win themselves something. I tried to participate too! But, my fat fingers were slow... T_T.. and so, 3 macho hunks were selected as the winners. Serge (as Jason Mraz) and Teh Tarik Memoirs (as Michael Buble). Seeing 3 good looking guys on stage, the crown went berserk!

Upcoming NEXT! DiGi Pimp My Music BLAST!

LoL~ I'm not one of the best dressed! I just "kepo" with them only! HAHA

So, the finalists for the Best Dressed Music Celebrity are:-

All 4 Finalists are given time to prove themselves to the judges:-
Here's their performances!

There's other OUTSTANDING bloggers who came as celebrity too!

Suresh as Michael Jackson!

Rachel Koko as Koko Gagal (parody of Lady Gaga)

Justin Bieber Baby Baby Baby Ooooo..
eh no.. Justin Timberlake (Nicholas Chay) & Me!

Lastly, we ended the fabulous event with a Celebrity Group Pic! Wukakaka~

What an event! Totally felt like a Music Celebrity myself! How would you feel meeting Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, BoA, Adam Robbert, Jason Mraz all at one night! It felt as though I'm attending MTV Music Awards weh!!!

What's going to happen next??? Maybe a DiGi Xmas Party? I can go as an ornament now? =)

Last but not least, As a DiGi user, I'd love to Thank you DiGi for appreciating us by rewarding us with value-for-money products. The DiGiMusic Play! is definitely a good application, and I believe DiGi is working very hard to bring more good products for us!

For those who is using iPhone with DiGi services, don't forget to check it out! The Gateway for Unlimited Music for you is here: DiGiMusic Play!
Thanks Nuffnang Malaysia, and all bloggers who came as a celebrity!

p/s: If you like my post, hope you can share it on Facebook or Twitter or leave your kind comments. The best blogpost for Post Event may walk away with an iPhone 3Gs. ^^