Saturday, October 2

Royal Selangor Pewter--> Genting Highlands

I really admire their hard work and determination. You know those days, prior Merdeka, live is hard. Looking at the wrinkled face of the workers make me treasure what I have now.

So, it's time for me to test my skills. Watch this video:

Ta daaaa XD

*Graduated with Distinction*
I can eat maggi with my self-made bowl!!! (can fit few spoons of maggi only)

We had a tight schedule, so reluctantly left Royal Selangor Pewter. If you are interested to find out more about the pewter stories, please check out their official website & facebook page here!

During our stay in Genting, we will be given 1 room each at First World Hotel!

At 8.45pm, we all queued for a show!

Mr. Ernesto Planas gave us a tutorial on how to disappear a tissue paper! One of us, Spectre, was chosen to be on stage with him.

HAHAHAHA...What a wonderful world! What a wonderful experience!!!

Thanks Resort World Genting for making our My Selangor Story dazzle with wonderful memories!

Oh..Resort World Genting has a blog too! Check this out! (HERE)

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Blur Pei said...

I wanna see ur final result of pewter bowl~~
Be dazzle show is nice =D

The Wanderer said...

WHAHAAAHHHAAH..Spectre is more famous now than ever :) All thanks to Ernesto!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@BlurPei, I'll be coming up with a blogpost about the bowl soon. Stay tune next week k?

@The wanderer, LOL ya, He's ernesto's apprentice now XD

Unknown said...

let's go roller coaster riding again!!

Kelvin said...

Voted :)

Anonymous said...
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John said...

nice one. good luck.

Anonymous said...

De dуnde eres? їEs un secreto? :)


Unknown said...

OH NO *goes hide inside the hole*

PS: hurry with other post dateline coming soon!