Saturday, October 16

Nuffnang Glitterati Plus Club has NOW OFFICIALLY BEGINS!

Hello~ Wah here comes weekend again~!! ^^

Well, as you know, Nuffnang is having their Glitterati Plus Open Meeting at Taylor Lakeside today.

What is Glitterati Plus? Well, I have summarize it into a table below. Hope you understand XD

Glitterati Plus is a club that cater for active Glitterati members. Active as in, has the interest and commitment to attend to exclusive media events (like a job). So, bloggers who have the passion, or is a full time blogger, is more than welcome to join this club.

Members with Glitterati status, will not be affected if they do not join the club. You know, sometimes we cannot be available for events during office hours. This club is a bonus. You will not be penalised or left out if you didnt join!

Okay, after the briefing, we were served with refreshments. Thanks Atreyu Strange for providing such delicious puffs!

At 1.00pm, we were guided on a campus tour!
Taylor's Lakeside is an exclusive university. They have good facilities for their schools. Very impressive indeed.
But i find that the corridors are quite "spooky". Not as in I can sense any spirits there. It's just dark and gloomy. I think perhaps they haven't completed the painting of the walls. Bright colours should be applied, not dark green/grey/blue.

The weather was so hot~ we were all almost dying dried up in the heat. Thus, when we entered the library, WOAH~ what a fantastic moment.

The aircond was very comfortable, many seats. The library is very beautiful! I can see that the has a very nice ambient for study environment. Nice, cute chairs, with comfy sofas. I would love to spend time in here too!

Red Buttockz for one, has her buttock stick on to a cute toilet bowl-like chair.
Don't pangsai here oh!

The Teh Tarik Memoirs was too, enjoying a larger potty like chair.

Then we went to the hall and have our first ever LARGE group PIC!

Then me and Redbuttockz went to have our lunch at Face2Face. Here the restaurant is self service. You have to order and get your number. Then wait for the number to be displayed and then you go to the counter to get your food. Quite an efficient system but the customer must keep aware of their numbers otherwise the noodle expand also nobody go redeem.


I hate it when something like this happen? How can the straw be "imperfect"? Could it mean the straw is being "RE-USED"? Cut by both ends and serve the customer again?

RedButtockz lips got hurt as she was drinking. Then she get another straw, but..
SAME! Why got sharp uneven edges of the straw?

I hope Face2Face can rectify this problem. You don't want to injure anybody, do you?


Here's a nice view on how the campus look like..

After our lunch, time to join the ChurpChurpers to fly kite!

U la la~ I love her dress and it really accentuates her curves!

It's cool for my 1st Churp Churp activity.
Fly kite, i always wanted to fly a kite, but i forgot and wore a short dress.

So all i could do is watch octopus fly!

While Redbuttockz Wern did, manage to get one into the air!

Ah..have a long day to face tomorrow..


XOXO MsXeRoZ~!!!


TianChad田七 said...

wow grat efforts in drawing out the "route map" of NN Glitterati and GPlus =)

Wern looks tired with the super panda eyes ar ;p

Unknown said...

memang best main layang-layang ..tapi sesuai utuk org single mcm youlah..for me hb at home..kena balik cepatlah

hazman aka species1980 said...

Yeah.... nice meeting u.... hope to see u in other NUFF event.... ;-p

我是橙子,Halo! said...

so the pay for glitterati and Gplus are the same?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TianChad, Thank you. I just want everyone to know G+ is a CLUB for active bloggers, but the passive bloggers will not be affected as well.

@Kak INA, ya la. HAHA, but i tak pandai main layang layang pun.

@Hazman, hello~ nice to know you too!

@KArping, the pay rate and everything is the same! no worries.

Unknown said...

umm... more than 5 posts a week? AHHHH......impossible for me lah

Unknown said...

wah, my class on saturday suddenly got canceled. ish!

Kelvin said...

Too bad i can't join :(

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Philip Khor, yes 5 posts. Its ok if u didnt join. Wont affect anything. As long as you are happy being a glitterati then it should be fine. =)

@Dylan, go whack ur teacher.

@Kelvin, LOL come join in M'sia one~!!! Got me as ur team mate^^ we go crazy together!

Ken Wooi said...

so im a passive glitterati :P

Anonymous said...

I am doing research for my university paper, thanks for your great points, now I am acting on a sudden impulse.

- Kris