Thursday, October 14 Changes Patterns Again!

Hello XD

So, how do you find my latest pattern?
Im turning into pink again, this time with purplish hue.

Something massive has happened. Look At The Brightside! (Sorry TianChad, steal your motto again!) I believe everything happened for a reason, every action has a reaction.

Most importantly, everyone around me and my loved ones are happy. You happy then i also will happy. =)

I'll try to manage my archive again and relabel my existing posts (have 300++ to be relabelled). Why? Because when i started blogging, I don't know why labels are necessary, so i anyhow put a name. So this time, i wanna re-organise my blog layout, and there are too many non-related labels.

Give me sometime to re-emerge. My name card has been sent to Print Haven for printing. Hopefully I'll turn out peRRRfect~ =)

Hope visiting my blog will make you happy too!



Unknown said...

wahh! ok ok.. haha. dont know wat to say.. but spam jugak here..

Vince G said...

Waaaaa everyone also getting their own name cards >.<

Kelvin said...

Got change meh?

I think i colour blind @_@

goingkookies said...

oooh.. i was thinking of relabelling mine too.. too many random and generic ones.. how come getting own name cards?