Tuesday, October 26


Much THANKS to Nuffnang, Golden Screen Cinemas and Sony Pictures for the opportunity to watch movie tonight~ Felt really thankful for the invites, because of lately I haven't really had the chance to watch "acceptable" movie. (Yeah, most that i'd anticipated turned out to be crap movies)

MsXeRoZ's Synopsis:-
A group of notorious robbers' (takers) job is to take all the cash and create a perfect crime scene, with detailed planning and left nothing behind. The Takers consists of John (Paul Walker), Jake (Michael Ealy), Jesse (Chris Brown), G (Idris Elba), and AJ (Hayden Christensen). They're being pursued by Jack (Matt Dillon) & Hatch (Jay Hernandez). Wanting to keep themselves low profile after a huge robbery, they're being offered and irresistible offer by one of their ex-member, Ghost (TI). How do they dodge the cops and pull out an almost impossible job? Well, you have to watch this movie for the answers.

MsXeRoZ's Verdict:-
I don't know why but after watching this movie, i'd start comparing it with A-Team and The Losers. For me, Takers have a line up of good actors and simple storyline but it lacks the "bang effect" compare to A-Team and The Losers. The storyline also closely resembles "The Italian Job". Again and again, its about money, sabotage, cops and robbers (the same old story).

Anyways, i did have a good time watching my all-time hero, Paul Walker! A bonus to that, this movie also features "the actor with the prettiest smile of all time" Hayden Christensen. Hayden's character, AJ would definitely look better without the ridiculous hat and bow tie. Add with a spectacles he'd look perfect!

There's also 2 singers on board- Chris Brown (as Jesse) & T. I Harris (as Ghost)! It is very refreshing to see fresh actors portraying different roles.

So, I'll end my blog post with one (and only) fav T.I song:-
Dead & Gone (featuring Justin Timberlake)


Kokd said...

Oh no! Spoiler! How are you doing!??! Hope you are doing well!

atreyu strange said...

AJJJJJJJJJ!!!!!!!! *faints*

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kokd, mana ada spoiler. HAHAHA

@atreyu.. *faints* with u