Tuesday, October 12

More on 101010 Delima Express Crash Scene

Hello all,

Can't believed that i'm feeling attached to this 101010 accident more that i had imagined. There are couple of heart wrenching incident that i will never forget. One of the most recent is the one accident at Taman Pertama, Cheras roundabout, where a girl was burnt to death (the one involved BHP)

Today, videos of the Delima Express Videos are spreading on Facebook. I can't embed the videos here, but here are links:-

1. by Passer By at the Crash Scene. [NOT SUITABLE FOR WEAK HEARTED]
2. by 8TV news.
3. Here's one from Youtube.

The cause for the massive accident is yet to be known (I guess it will remain a mystery). It was said that witness saw the bus wanted to overtake (move from middle to fast lane) and suddenly a car (CAR 1 in my previous post) entered the bus's lane and caused the bus driver to steered away in panic. Where is the driver/owner of the Car 1 mentioned? Is this a hit cause and run? Perhaps there are many more factors (internal and external) that caused this huge loss.

I did mentioned about speculations and rumours and also questions unanswered. Well, several parties have defended the clean record of the driver. Some even said that the accident could be caused by crosswinds.

Seriously, this is not only one of the accidents that is being "aggravated" by the guardrail. Guardrail are suppose to prevent any "unforeseen incidents" that cause vehicles to cross over the opposite direction of the highway. One of the representative of Pan-Malaysia Bus Operators’ Association said that guardrail is not strong enough, to stop the bus from crossing over.
My opinion- Guardrail is important to serve its function. It's not only about the strength of the guardrail. It has to have the "elasticity" to absorb the impact of any crash. We don't want any guardrail which is strong, hard but easily fractured. The material should also be weather resistant, and the characteristic of the materials is not lost with time. Hmm, I know it's easier said than done, but i think it can be done with proper R&D.

For those injured, take good care! Wishing you a fast recovery.



SonnyKazu said...

A sudden news that rocks Malaysia again since the last major news on Ipoh highway bus crash.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@SonnyKazu, the Ipoh one is a "HOT SPOT", but last year the fatalities also were due to the guardrail.

Anonymous said...

interesting, thanks