Thursday, October 7

The Final Destinations...

Here comes my long awaited post. YES! DAY 5!!!

Day 5 is the finale of our event/contest! This is the day that i woke up, feeling refreshed and happy (because had enough of sleep!). Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel is very comfy, and if i could, i would just laze the whole day in the room!

Once again, breakfast! MSS never fails to feed us and the food is rather luxurious! hehehe...
If you stay at Sunway Pyramid Tower Hotel, the breakfast would be held at the Ground floor- Atrium Cafe & Lounge!

After the lunch, we all went to visit the TROPICANA MEDICAL CENTER at Kota Damansara!

Tropicana Medical Center is not any ordinary hospitals, it takes a whole new aspect of medical treatment, embracing the modern equipments. In this medical centre, there are:
  • Fertility Centre
  • Women & Children Centre
  • Heart Centre
  • Diabetes & Kidney Centre
  • Imaging & Image Guided Surgery Centre
  • Aesthetic & Cosmetic Centre
Why we visit the hospital? Well, if you didn't know, in 21st century, there is an emerging trend of medical tourism. This concept is not new, but is yet to be established in Malaysia. The idea of medical tourism is the option of travelling overseas for a medical procedure. For instance, going to Thailand for sex change (etc). So, instead of going to oversea, why not we create this facility and Malaysia become the hub for medical treatment instead? This is where Tropicana Medical Center comes into play.

Equipped with the latest innovation in medical instruments such as the CAT scan, MRI and Mammogram, Tropicana aims to create a less-painful medical diagnosis and procedure. The ambiance of this medical center is very soothing and comfortable. Some of my Indonesian friends also mentioned that it LOOKED & SMELLED like a HOTEL! (Hotels beware! This hospital is your NEW competitor!!!) And yes, i totally agree, the TMC doesnt have the sickly hospital odor (you know what i mean?) and the lighting and aeration is very comfortable.

There's also a variety of cafes that provide authentic food here too! There's even 1901 Hotdogs and MAMANYONYA that serves nyonya food! COOL isn't it!

TMC initially started as a Fertility Center, has a very high success rate! So, if you are keen of having children (twins, or triplets) you can always visit here and seek the expert's advice!

The guys were very hyper excited and we specially requested to visit the sperm donor room. This is the only place in the world (i think) pornography serves as a stimulant and is LEGAL! Check out TianChad's blogpost for more info!

Thanks TMC for the superb hospitality & the refreshments! Your warmth totally made me forgotten that i am at a hospital!

After the educational trip at TMC, we head back to Sunway Pyramid for lunch!
Guess where's lunch! We don't even have to walk far! The FRAMES CAFE is just 10 steps away from the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid! HOW CONVENIENT!!!

The whole interior is closed for us! WOW! And this is my first time here and i was VERY VERY impressive with their decorations! The food is very delicious too!!! You can visit TianChad's blog once again to have a clearer pics of the food that is being served! I had Pan Seared Dory and i LOVE IT TO BITS!!

This would be a nice place for gathering or events, so drop by FRAMES cafe facebook page & website for information and reservation!




OK, theme park is not my cuppa tea! I almost cried in SCREAM PARK because of the horrid sound effects and the darkness! As you know, (mentioned in my Day 2 Post-read it here) i have ZERO nausea tolerance. So i felt that my buddy here, Mr Chen TianChad is SUPER AWESOME. Check this video out! Yo Yo~ check it out!

As for me, i had the adequate adrenalin rush playing with my underwater camera sponsored by Pentax! Hmm.!

My apology..

After the super nice day out at Sunway Lagoon! We all went for our farewell dinner at ...

Haven is located at "Look Out Point" Ampang. We had a traumatic ride to reach this restaurant because our bus driver lost his way and stucked in the jam! T_T We are all shivering due to the hunger (Come on man! we used up all our kilojoules stored in our body in Sunway Lagoon!)

Thank GOODNESS, when we arrived~

We are welcomed by the HUNDREDS of VARIETIES OF FOOD SERVED... All i could think of is "IS THAT FOR US?"

omg~ first time in my life I'm so thrilled to see FOOD!!

Not only the food deserves the credit, the decoration shouldn't be left forgotten. Vases of daisies are beautifully placed. It really soothing and beautiful! I love flowers XD!

MUST VISIT HAVEN RESTAURANT (website here) to see the menu and types of food served. I've just explored the website myself and i find it pretty cute. HAHAHA.. You can also check out their FACEBOOK page. Their next event will be the Halloween Party! If the MSS kaki is going then i would love to join! Drop me a comment in this post if you would love to join us for Halloween too @ Haven too!

Every beginning will come to an ending. Our farewell dinner was indeed something VERY MEMORABLE that i will bring forth until my last breath!

Thanks Haven Restaurant! You'll definitely see me again (as i sometimes live 10mins away from you)!


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I am hungry after seeing all the FOOD pics at Haven!

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