Tuesday, October 5

Exploring the Nature of Selangor

From Genting Highlands--> Kanching Rainforest Waterfalls--> Dorani Homestay--> Kg. Kuantan Fireflies--> Satay Hut.

Let's continue with...

Breakfast was a fairly peaceful event, until the wax holder with fire jumped out of it's place when WenYi was about to take some pancakes! Thank God the wax didn't splash on her body, but unfortunately, Kak Ning, who was standing beside WenYi got a hole on her blouse! WenYi suffered some minor burns on her leg, but other than that she's fine and fit for our next destination!

After the breakfast, we head downhill and stopped by at the Chin Swee Caves Temple. I personally haven't explored enough of this temple.

You can visit here to know ALL about Chin Swee Caves Temple

Here's the visitor guide to Kanching Waterfalls.

After chilling by the waterfall, we all went for our outdoor KFC lunch! I'm so thankful that this outdoor lunch is held because it brings back the reminiscence of my childhood during the primary school days. T.T So touched...

One thing that I hate most is being disturbed when I'm happily eating. The wild monkeys came in horde to snatch our food. I was equally afraid and angry. Instead of running away from the monkeys, did this..

I *RAWRRRR* at the monkey and they ran away! (p/s the monkey didnt smile lah)

During the evening, we finally arrived at Hj Dorani Homestay! It is one of the most established homestay programme in Selangor. We were welcomed with "bunga manggar" and "kompang". It was overwhelming because you can see the old folks standing in the drizzle to give us a nice welcome. We were also served with "kuih-muih" (traditional cookies) and coconut water.

They also had prepared dances performances for us. We were thrilled with the kuda kepang and the barongan dance. During the ancient times, when there's no TV or the internet, the people often have occassions and these dance is performed.

You can't expect water heater and air-conds in the village! So here's my foster homes. The home is big, but is a little messy. My foster mother has difficulties moving and her daughter, Kak Hani is always busy with the events of the village.

The rooms that 4 of us shared has 2 queen sized beds. I find that the room is very dusty and is not properly ventilated. There's only 1 fan. But during the night, the environment of the village is very cool.

For those who love an adventure in the village, you can visit the Dorani Homestay blog! (YES, THEY HAVE A BLOG!) But their blog is in Malay. It's good to have an english-malay blog so that international tourists can read the blog as well)

At 8.00pm, we ride on our bus to go to Kampung Kuantan Fireflies. It was a dark night, and the river is experiencing high tide. Our boatman is bragging about how normal cameras or DSLR cannot capture the image of the fireflies. I'm reluctant to say this, but yes, he is right! Since my camera cant capture the fireflies, i drew what i saw for u!


Having a boatride in the night is very interesting. I tried to put my hands to touch the fireflies, but the boatman told me sternly, "DONT ANYHOW TOUCH. MAYBE GOT ULAR KAPAK THERE!" Feeling intimidated i jumped into the river and bumped into an alligator i spent the whole journey looking at the sky, sometimes closing my eyes and listen to the sounds of the leaves and waters.

After the peaceful ride, we were all given briefing about how to differentiate male and female firefly inside the gallery. I didn't enter, as i have been into this place several times. Instead, i spent 10mins chit chat with Amelia, Allison and En. Fazly.

For satay hunters who would love to visit Satay Hut, here's the address:

Satay Hut Tanjong Karang
Satay Hut Jalan Besar 45500 Tanjong Karang,Tanjong Karang Selangor,Malaysia
Tel: 603-32694473

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more!



Unknown said...

hmm, day3.
i miss my foster parents.
i want to go to the waterfalls again. i haven main puas2 must leave already. =(
and i want to eat more satay!!!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Dylan, Ur foster parents nice ah? I also wan go waterfalls..i love it. Dat day should purposely "jatuh" then have excuse to play water. Satay one u go urself, the tea is too sweet!

RedButtockz Wern said...

sorry my monkey didn't behave, i call him not to steal already one...
eh that satay looks tempting.. did u tar pau for me?

Thomas Lee said...

nice peaceful homestay beside paddy fields