Tuesday, October 5

Day 4: Doing The Unbelievable!

To convey our love to Kampung Haji Dorani Homestay, we did a promo advertisement for the village. Check this out!

(p/s: sorry if you roll on floor laughing! hahaha)

Goodbye Village! I was kind of relief when we came back to town! I finally realised that village life doesn't really suits me!
Click here to know more about Mantra Restaurant!

Today will be our rest day! We are free to roam or to sleep!

These are some funny expressions captured!



We decided to roam. And being very familiar with Sunway Pyramid, i introduced to other MSS bloggers that the receptionist and information counter is THE BEST IN THE WHOLE MALAYSIA!

Initially the receptionist were suspicious because 10 of us stormed to the counter. Maybe I asked her a stupid question in the first place. My question was, "HI, is there anything nice about this place?" If someone asked me that question, i would look puzzled as well. hahaha..

In the end, the receptionist explained to us about Ice Skating Rink, Asian Avenue, Marrakesh, Lagoon, and etc. And YES! Sunway Pyramid info counter is GOOD & HELPFUL!

The phonecall from Spectre ruined my photoshoot!

We were so hyped up when we saw the fake train station at LG floor!

Pretending the train is coming and we are going to be squashed!!
*Note: only Denise got the right expression!*

Please Take Good Care Of Your Belongings!
*This is a community message from all MSS bloggers*

Charlie's ChiaLi's Angels

The Four Heavenly Kings
Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai

Hurry~Chase the Train!

Another Happy Face!

Finally we found Marrakesh! Sweeeet!
Its row of concept shops, that is made to resemble the Arabic marketplace!

Oh..we stumbled acroos a piece of pizza walking around!

We asked the guys to pose as rich Arabians. But they pretended to NOT KNOW US!!!

Another attraction of Sunway Pyramid: The Asian Avenue!
Here is the place to find Japanese, Taiwan, Korean style clothes and stuff!

The one and only ice skating rink in Malaysia!

(p/s look like flies caught in a bottle...hahaha)

After visiting and exploring Sunway Pyramid, we went for some rest and meet up for dinner at Sun & Surf Cafe for buffet dinner.

This buffet costs RM78++ (dinner) and there are a lot of variety of food served. To be frank, the food served tasted average only.

Furthermore, nobody seems to serve us drink. I spent the whole night munching on fruits and the blended mixed ice dessert. I wish that there is fruit juice station available. Heard that one of our bloggers saw hair at the marshmallow plate. I saw an insect dropped inside the mango dessert too! Hopefully Sunway's staff will look seriously into this matter.

We then walked around the Sunway City! Wow..the decorations are incredibly beautiful. For your information, the decor here changes everytime there's a celebration. And the decorations are not the same in the yearly basis!

Alrights...this would be a fun post! Hopefully you enjoy all my MSS posts too!

Till then XD


Thank you very much!
Stay tune for : Every Story Has An Ending...


RedButtockz Wern said...

AHAHAHAHA... beh tahan lah u all... wish i was there that day..

Unknown said...

LOL! I laughed KAO KAO at this post la!! damn funny!!!

eh, in ur video got one lengzhai walking towards you two geh. who's that?

RedButtockz Wern said...

LOL, self promote somemore! LOLOLOL

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@redbuttockz yala i asked u come!

@Dylan Phuah, u think think see see and paused the video u think the guy labelled "hindustan hero" is who leh?

eiling lim said...

the photos are really nice!

atreyu strange said...

i like the way you scripted all your photos. nice one! wish you all the best for #mss :)

Merrinette said...

Voted and good luck :D

k0k s3n w4i said...

i used to go ice skating every fortnight when i was studying in taylor's! love the place :)

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

the gangster face! haha uber epic!


Kelvin said...

U look like a landlord lady when u are fierce XD