Monday, September 20

Tioman: The Crystal Clear Waters

Heyo Heyo...

This would be my super rapid blogpost because of my "future" busy schedule. Before i go off for My Selangor Story adventure, i shall feast you all with my weekend trip to Pulau Tioman, Pahang.

I won a 3D 2N trip to Berjaya Tioman (Return flight + 2N accommodation + Buffet breakfast). So me and XeRoZ went to Tioman to pamper ourselves. It was my first time riding on Berjaya Airlines. Quite an adventure, i would say. First time sitting on a small plane, with propeller engines. *Scary*

After a bumpy plane ride, we arrived to Tioman's Airport (Kampung Tekek). The airport was very traditional, operated on 2 shop-lots.

Upon entry, we had to pay RM5/pax (entrance fee to Marine Island).

We then board the shuttle Berjaya bus to the resort. Unlike Langkawi, Tioman island consist of small road, schools and shoplots.

We checked in, and rest, then walked around.. Berjaya Resort Tioman was undoubtedly the largest in the island. Private beaches, restaurants, golf course, exquisite suites and Berjaya have even their own turtle sanctuary!

Nothing much to do on the 1st day. So, we planned on Island Tour on Sunday! The Island Tour will bring us to 6 tourist sites. We boarded our speedboat at Berjaya's Jetty.

Oh, i guess, i forgot to mention about the BEAAAAUUUUTIFUUUL SEA!!! Check it out!

We were brought along the island. The Boatman tells us stories about Tioman itself. But i got distracted by the cool breeze and the scenery.

Tioman was surrounded by astounding mountains and green hills. It was very spectacular. I love the sights of the rocks by the beach, and the lush greenery at the mountains. Here is 2 of the famous rocks of Tioman.

First outing was Waterfall! It seems that Tioman's "MUST VISIT" site is the Waterfall too..

Ta daaaa.... The climb to the waterfall isn't very hard.We need to climb up the steps and stairs.

We were allowed to play at the waterfall for 1hour. Then we were brought for lunch at Kampung Juara. Kampung Juara was also famous for its beach and turtle. Initially we wanted to walk to the Turtle Sanctuary. We walked and walked but couldn't find it, so we asked the locals. They informed us that walking takes about 30mins! So, we surrendered and went hunting for lunch.

After filling our stomach at Kampung Juara, we went on with our snorkelling session. We saw a school of seagulls, hunting for food. Our boatman was kind to make a detour and chased the seagulls. When the seagulls were attacking, it is believed that there must be a lot of fishes there.

Snorkelling time!!!

I can't remember the names of our snorkelling spot. We snorkelled at 4 different sites. We went snorkelling twice at unknown places, then to Taman Hidupan Laut (Marine Park) and finally at Pulau Renggis.

The fishes of Tioman, were SUPER FRIENDLY!!! *Wheee*
Nope, i wasn't bitten.
Tioman is definitely a place worth visiting. The sea is even more beautiful than Phuket.

When we returned to the hotel, we went for Sunset hunting. Sunset only lasts 3minutes.

After dinner, me and XeRoZ went for stars hunting. The skies of Tioman were starry. It was bright, and beautiful.

Berjaya Resort Tioman is an exquisite place to live in. The place was so big that walking from 1 end to the other takes almost an hour. It is a place for foreign tourists, many thought we were Singaporean.

Overall, i would rate as below:-
1. Tioman: Beautiful island, nice place, friendly locals. Worth the visit.

2. Berjaya Tioman Resort: Big & nice exterior, but the standard rooms were quite boring. I have high expectations of Berjaya Resort's room.

3. Berjaya Airlines: Packed, Old, Noisy, Scary, but have nice stewardess.

4. Around Island Tour: Very fun and satisfying!

If you wish to visit Tioman Island, you can get here by Ferry from Mersing, and get the all-covered Hotel package locally (3D 2N within RM400).

Berjaya Tioman Resort costs about RM1000 (flight + accommodation). I guess it is the most expensive in the Island.

Around Island Tour: RM120/pax (6pax per speed boat)

I think i will come again. ^^
See you again Tioman!


RedButtockz Wern said...

*lari around macam org giler*

Kelvin said...

The sea is sooooo crystal clear!!!!

P.S No bikini shots? XD

Bean 阿豆 said...

wow.... Tioman... My next target!!

Ken Wooi said...

now you make me wanna go tioman! lol

Vicky 刘宁 said...

wou, such a nice beach of Tioman! One day I wanna visit there ^^ and the sea, whou cleaner than the pool nearby my house lol??

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Redbuttockz wern, YES..i bring u go next year k?

@Kelvin, bikini shots? erm..have but saggy ones..i cant bear to look.

@Bean, u wont regret it if u love nature.

@ken, haha..tioman is much nicer than langkawi. Duty free too but the shops are so old that there's limited choice of liquor.

pilotHans said...

simply stunning.....ive been craving to go to tioman for a while...(even put in my must dive list)...makes me wanna go even more after seeing the beautiful shots that you took..


MsXeRoZ Nicole said... for visiting my blog. Yes even looking at the pictures is making me missing Tioman very much!


just coming back from it..pretty ok place...