Thursday, September 30

SkyPark Terminal--> I-City--> Uptown Shah Alam

[It is crucial for you to view my Introduction To Finalists blog post to know who are the other finalists so that you get a rough idea who am i referring to in this post XD]

Many special thanks to Firefly for hosting us! You can view the website(for booking of tickets and latest promo) and their blog (for latest internal updates)

It was a pleasant beginning, the Firefly's official photographer was very friendly. Within minutes, we were all comfortable with each other. I couldn't think of any better ways to kick start My Selangor Story!!!

After leaving Sky Park Terminal by bus, we headed to Carlton Hotel. It's a small hotel, just nice for us all. However, the rooms have a damp, musky odor and there are small cockroaches roaming around. *yuckz* I hope that the hotel management can do something about the insects invasion soon!

Special thanks to Pentax for generously loaning us the camera! Click here to visit Pentax official website to find out more about their camera ranges!

The decorations at I-City is always changing. It will not be the same the whole year round, thus, this encourages visitors to come multiple times. I agree that new attractions is necessary, but proper maintenance is also required. I noticed that there are several attractions that aren't properly maintained, as in fused LED bulbs, blackened LED tubes, and also the bad odor that the LED emit when it fused!
The idea of rhythmic lights is interesting! The upcoming attractions like Snow World, Safari Park and the largest TV Screen very captivating as well. The Safari Park that is available right now is still incomplete. By the way, what is the giant grasshopper doing there?? *confused* It would be cool if there's live animals in the Safari Park. =)

For more information about I-City please refer here.
Click here for location map. At the moment the charges are RM10 (for attractions & drinks)
You can visit their Facebook fan page for latest promo.

There's also a magic show by one of the stalls. Check this video out!

The Uptown Shah Alam also has a Facebook Fan Page: click here.
You can see varieties of activities being held on a monthly basis, from automotive, food to cultural exhibitions and performances! It's incredible to see how people work their way to success.

By travelling just a few hours, I have enriched myself with many valuable experience.
I want to be a "Duta" (embassador) for Selangor too!!!

Before i end my post, I would like to thank P1 W1max (as the official wifi sponsor). Although certain areas that we visited didn't have internet coverage, having a mobile internet is very convenient. I am sure the P1 W1max services and coverage will increase soon!

Hmm Hmm.. I hope my post didn't bore you!
There's more to come!!!
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Unknown said...

Now you make me feel like eating french fries again. The french fries we had there damn yummy can! Just the right texture, not very oily, ngam ngam salty for me... yumms!!!! I want Jass Cafe's french fries!

WenYi said...

super nice post!!! me likey^^

eh, where's the duta saloon? how come i didnt c it? lol

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Dylan, omg! HAHAHAHAH...cant believe u seriously love the fries!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@WenYi, Erm, i also not sure where, because our tourguide shiok sendiri walking around, i think its at the entrance with the coconut jelly there!

RedButtockz Wern said...

wahhh my sister a dutaaaa =x

Unknown said...

nice post :D Given love haha :D

Sy said...

Ding Dong Ding Dong ! Wah !!!!!!! So lonnnnnnngggggggg also hurrrrrrrrr !!!!!

But cool way of writing and posting e pictures !

Go my blog , i wrote ur secret weapons to defeat the monkeys @ Kanching Waterfall :

wahahahhahah ;) Enjoyyyyyy !

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Richard, hello. HAHA...

@Sy, Aiyakz u now all monkeys will attack me!

Anonymous said...

hohoho so many pictures lahh...
nice pose on the couch hahaha,,, so you want to become selangor ambassador hahahaha?

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!