Friday, September 3

Please Let Hassan Skodeng Go! He's Just A Joker!

Remember Hassan Skodeng?


Remember Nose4News?


Nevermind, let me refresh your memory if you can't remember who he is. Hassan Skodeng (his virtual name) is a blogger who became infamous for this article about TNB sueing WWF over Earth Day 2010.

The moment i clicked my way into his blog, i knew that he is a genius. In fact, Hassan Skodeng was actually my IDOL. Yes, he is. His creativity is by far different than most humans. His writing skills by far surpass any people in Malaysia. I always mentioned that I love writing & i have wild imagination. That is why HASSAN IS MY IDOL. He writes better than me, and his imagination is even wilder than mine!

If you read his blog, no matter how wordy it is, you'll be interested to read the post from the beginning to the end. The words he used, the style he uses and the way he thinks is totally admirable. And the best part of it, the whole thing is a PARODY.

His problems begin when he overestimate the "sense of humour" Malaysian has. He writes about ridiculous stuff, things that any people with common sense will laugh about.

Here's some examples of his blogposts:-

1) Aedes Declares As National Bird : [Aedes is not even a bird.]
2) Sabah & Sarawak To Be Relocated [East Malaysia to be moved beside Kelantan]
3) Mawi Honored To Take Beyonce's Place [Mawi to replace Beyonce's cancelled concert]

I was an avid reader of Hassan's blog. And I had read the "TNB to sue WWF" article before it turns viral. I could see it was a joke, a parody. Yes, it sounded so real (that's the reason i love his writings), but within most of the paragraphs, humor were inserted, making the whole article a funny one.

But, the article goes viral. Published in Facebook and circulated in twitter, the news spread like a contagious disease beyond control. To our horror, the people of Malaysians actually believed in the article. Many condemned TNB, many more condemn Malaysians. There are some kind souls that help to clarify that it is a parody blogpost.

(read full article here)

Hassan then removed the article, and apologized, but the damaged was done. Personally, I don't think he should apologize. In his blog, it was clearly stated that this is a parody site.

The person who should be blamed are people that COPY & PASTE the whole article on facebook, spreading the article. The article i saw on Facebook DOES NOT give credits to the author, what more stating that the article is an entire joke!

(read full article here)

In short, the one that MISLEAD the people isn't Hassan. He is just writing for his parody blog. The one that should be blamed is those people, who thinks they are so smart, COPY & PASTE everything in their facebook notes, WITHOUT stating that this is from who and is a JOKE.

(read full article here)

Hassan wrote it, sensed trouble, removed it, apologized about it, and removed himself from the blogging world. These actions shows that he is a responsible blogger.

Today he is charged under Section 233 (as you can see above)
(Based on my personal judgement)
Criminal charges for posting content that is :-
1. obscene (NO)
2. Indecent (NO)
3. False (yes)
4. Menacing or offensive in character with malicious intent (NO)

(read full article here)

His post on Sabah & Sarawak to be relocated, actually drew sparks from public. The article goes viral, and eventually people believed that Malaysia has RM850 trillion to move the whole island to Peninsular. Some readers were rage over the news, blaming BARISAN NASIONAL for this useless project.

If the government announces that Sabah, and Sarawak will merge with the Peninsula, would you actually believed?


marccus said...

stupid peoples that read without using their brains.. =.=

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@marccus, yes sometimes i had to agree with u.

RedButtockz Wern said...

such a talent in writing~wasted...
and he's writing for entertainment purposes.. not even to flame others pun tsk tsk >_>

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@RedButtockz wern, even a buttockz can think better than people with brains. (LAME)

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

those 'idiots' who wanna sue him is far more stupid than pigs~
by the way, who say pigs are stupid?

XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

well, clever people that doesn't sue him should be able to interpret which are the 'idiot pigs' referring ~ sorry for those who couldn't...

John said...

he is stupid for speaking nonsense. he need to be responsible for what he said.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@XeRoZ, please refrain urself from offensive languages.

@John, thank u for ur opinion.

Nana Eddy said...

this overblown thing is ridiculous. that's why plagiarism is dangerous.

Vince G said...

Ya la, damn wasted lor, he is such a good writer. Some people just can't differentiate between libel and horsecrap, especially the so-called authorities. Everyone needs a laugh nowadays!

Kelvin said...

In my own opinion, he really shouldn't wrote it. Even gossips can kill.

Hope the sentence is minimal.

Evie Yang said...

sometimes, some sad ppl can't differentiate a parody from what is real..sheesh.