Wednesday, September 1

A Picturesque Ipoh: EcoPark, Taman Botani

Besides my house, the Eco Park at Taman Botani will be my favourite place.

This Ecopark is located in Taman Botani, a project by Taiko Properties.
It is a residential area, surrounded by a picturesque lake, filled with fishes, lotus pond and is a perfect exercise location.

I'll cut my usual crap and let the photos do the talking :P


1. Fish

2. The Fish & The Bread

3. Lonely Dead Tree

4. It's A Lot!

5. Sucking Business

6. Green Green Grass by The Lake

7. Sweet Flowers

7. By The Path

8. I Can See You!

9. A Lonely Road

10. A Dragon's Lair

11. Reflections


I wish the visitors & people of Ipoh would take good care of this park.
Ipoh is such a nice place to live in. Affordable houses + a beautiful park.
We can never ever find such places in KL/Selangor (unless you buy a property worth millions)

Oh ya, don't even think of doing a "Fish Spa" when visiting..
The small fishes run away, but big fishes are on its way...

To Your Big Fat Toe!!!

p/s: It's NOT my leg.


Ken Wooi said...

i havent visited this place also till today.. but now i want to go see see.. =P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@ken, must go. Bring ur DSLR, bring Barbie. then can do portrait shooting. LoL!

M-Knight said...

nice photo and place

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@M-knight, Thanks!

Thristhan said...

Wow Nicole, looks like a great place. and the fishes seems a little aggressive. Can't be your leg for sure, it's too hairy :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@thristhan, LOL! yeah, i too pendek to reach the pond. HAHAHa..

Kelvin said...

Next time u try and tie a bread piece to ur big toe.

Ronnie said...

nice photos and wonderful fishes !

CzChooi said...

i almost come with "was that your leg?!"

Unknown said...

woohoo! ipoh my hometown.. yeah, its a nice place. nice place to retire too also. haha!

~David~ said...

everytime i'm back ipoh only think abt the delicious food :P

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, later got carnivourous fish attack my cute toe!

@Ronnie, Yeah, come Ipoh!

@Dylan, i agree with u. I'm glad that my parents chose Ipoh to retire too!

@David, after makan can come park walk walk burn all the fat away, then go eat again =)

Jasmine said...

That's a nice place in Ipoh! Must visit if I happen to travel to Ipoh :)