Thursday, September 2

[MySelangorStory] Introduction: A Letter To Selangor...

[This is a My Selangor Story Introductory Post]

Dear Selangor,

I have known you for 8876 days of my life, but i have yet to introduce myself to you. My name is Nicole Chua, and I'm virtually known as MsXeRoZ (pronounced as Miss-Zee-Rocks). I have been living under your roof since 2005, and I would like to thank you for sheltering me throughout these years.

I was absorbed into the blogging world 2 years ago. Since young, I had loved reading and writing. But I never thought that i would have an opportunity to write, and to be read. Blogging initially was a personal hobby, but now it has expanded to a platform where I can seek advice, learn, and eventually inspire others.

Dear Selangor,

As much as I've seen you transformed throughout my 5 years here, I'm glad to tell you that I've grown too! I've traveled to different places, learnt different cultures and experienced different things. Travelling actually broaden one's mind, and the experience was unforgettable.

Ever since I started with, i feel that I am blessed with all the opportunities given.

Everytime I travel, i would document my journey here. By doing so, there is a tinge of satisfaction that I can never be able to describe. I learn to appreciate my life. I learn to appreciate the people and the things around me more.

But, dear Selangor, i just come to realize I've never written about you.

Please don't be mad at me. It's not that I don't love you. Selangor. I guess sometimes, we tend to take things for granted. I didn't mean to. I'm sorry for neglecting you for so long...

No matter how far I have traveled, I will still return here. Selangor, you are a gem in people's heart. I had studied here, and had earned my first Ringgit Malaysia here too! My life is pretty good in Selangor!

When i came across your website-MySelangorStory. I saw that you were looking for someone who LOVE TRAVELLING & ENJOY BLOGGING.

Suddenly, it HIT me! All these while, you are looking for me!

How could i be so blind to not notice it!

You are looking for 30 bloggers to go on an adventure with you. *wave* I'm here for you Selangor!

I fulfil all the criteria you are looking for. I deserve the chance to be shortlisted because of my passion & dedication about travelling. And not to forget, the love that i have for you.

So, why don't you give me a chance to prove myself to you?

I'm also a loving, friendly creature. With me around, things will be more fun! *winkz*
Equipped with my imagination, and my best blogger-photographer-buddy TianChad, I'm sure, nothing can ever go wrong!

So Selangor, I can go on writing for days about you but i shall stop here. I'll write to you soon =) no worries. Just let me know if I'm chosen for a travel trip with you, ya? You can contact me anytime here. I'll be waiting for you.

Oh ya, in case you are still not convinced that I'm the one for you, check my resume audition video:-

Till then, take care!



Unknown said...

Hope you get it :)

Glo-w~* said... sweet^^ all the best<3

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Richard, Yeah if im selected then i'll tweet about it! hehehe

@Glo-w~ Thanks dear!!!

Unknown said...

haha !! all da best >:D!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

good luck babe!

Unknown said...

great...i think for sure will be selected...good luckk...

Jasmine said...

That's a nice story... and I love the photo with the lovely rainbow! Truly amazing!

Baboon Tan said...

All the best yea! :)
I found out that you always join contest! *WINKS*

Isley Chang~ said...

All the best~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Devi, Hey Thanks for dropping by & for the best wishes!

@Eyriqazz, nothing is for sure. I'm gonna try my best=)

@Jasmine, Yes, its one of my fav pics too!

@Baboon, Sometimes i have to much hyper energy that i dont know where to channel to. So contest is a fun place for me to transfer the energy to. HAHA..

@Isley, Thanks dear!

jfook said...

All the best. The video was great XD

TianChad田七 said...

Your writing so well =D
Nice entry post~!

Ronnie said...

err.....the two of u are real good frens !

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@jfook..Come join also~

@Tianchad. ur sidekick kenot write lousily! must up to standard one ma

@Ronnie, yes, we have known each other for many many years!

M-Knight said...

all the best

Azuan said...

All the best! I'm participating as well and voting for your blog as well!