Monday, September 13

Jobless + Sick + Holiday

Hi there,

Nicole MsXeRoZ is back! LOL..
There's a lot of things going on and i have delayed posting my blogpost. So now im gonna do a little recap on what has happened around me.

Jobless: 8th Sept.
Finally my job ended. I am having approximately 3 weeks worth of precious, personal time for me to enjoy. On Thurs, i woke up at 7.30am, online, tweet my heart out, lepaking at shopping complexes till 7. Then go to Euphoria for clubbing and come back at 5am. *FUhhhh* It was f-tiring, but i hadn't done this my WHOLE life. NA DAH!!!... Although the fun is only 1 day, i felt as though i'm 18 again. =) Without worries, without commitments, just pure fun!

Sick: 10th Sept
Yea..No matter how much i love being on the go for the whole day, my body cannot take it anymore. SICK! On Raya Day! Can you imagine that!!!!
Flu+Cough+Fever+Sorethroat. Until today i'm not well yet. I had finished up 2 rolls of toilet paper, and sometimes sneezed until my chest pain.

When you're jobless, holiday seems to be meaningless. But I was at XeRoZ's family home, and thankfully being pampered for being sick *yahooo*... Spent my entire 2 days watching movies.
1. A Team
2. The Losers
3. Iron Man 2
4. She's Out of My League

Throughout my sick period, i stayed away from Internet & telephone. I just sat the whole day on the couch, with blanket on, watching TV.

YES! MsXeRoZ can live without telephone and internet!

I'm gonna go watch gossip girls now..Before i forget, i gotta list down some due blogpost for me to write on later.
1. Moist-Vaseline
2. Origins-MAD Night Cream
3. TheRedButtockz Birthday
4. My Birthday
5. How to open a pomelo (lame comedy)

Ok..gtg watch gossip girl!!!


Dori Lukey said...

get well soon lol! and dun watch so many TV! XD

dLa Suri said...

heyy get well soon oke !
miss u btw :)

Blur Pei said...

once stop working, get sick, shd be too tired when working.
get well soon!