Thursday, September 30

Introducing The Finalists

[This is an introductory post for all Finalists of My Selangor Story 2010 Blogging Contests)

Hello all,
Well, I'm sure that most of you here have read entries by other participants and wondering why have i not started writing about My Selangor Story (MSS) experience yet. Actually i was thinking how should i write it in a short and simple way, so that it wouldn't be too lengthy or picture loaded.

So, this shall officially kickstart MsXeRoZ's MSS blogpost. Of course, i have to introduce the awesome finalists:-

*Jeng Jeng Jeng*


This is me! I'm noisy & naughthy!

Quiet, fun and has "bottomless stomach"

Friendly & helpful

Cute, adorable & kind

Famous, jovial & "Starbucks Greatest Fan"

Beautiful & a lil wacky, the perfect MsXeRoZ partner

Kind, caring, single & available

I love his english slang. ^^

A funny guy with beautiful eyes.

Master Sifu blogger, very kind and humble.

Another humble blogger friend whom i admire

Adventurous, sporting and friendly

He is always smiling...

Hohoho..indescribable, but you'll feel happy when he's around!

A mysterious runner

wise & quiet, i wish i had chance to know him better XD

One of my 1st blogger friend. very nice and kind.

Another blogger friend from Nuffnang.

My buddy from day 1. A Body shop lover too!

not the one from twilight!

Don't be cheated by his looks...He's funny!!!

An avid photographer.

I dunno he thinks im weird, or i think he's weird. Maybe, we are both the same!

Gentle, Loving and soooo nice!

Finally done my lengthy introduction. It's very important for me to remember them because they are the nicest people on EARTH!! I'm glad that MSS brought us together.

Okay, time to go travelling~

Sit tight, put on your car belts..Here we go.. *vroOm vrOom*


Kelvin said...

So fun to have so many ppl together ^_^

Unknown said...

LOL! bottomless stomach...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, yes.. and we all like crazy bunch of people.

@Dylan, u know who u r. LOL!

eyriqazz said...

oh love it..looking for this as some of the bloggers name/url i didn't know..hik3...thanks nicole...

azuan said...

This is a good post! A good way to keep track all the blogs.

The Wanderer said...

Wahahaah!! This is a funny but really good post ;) LOL

"What you also use the same body shop like me ehhh" - at 1AM was what I remembered you telling me.

Anonymous said...

ahahaha i'm not a drawing book so you can't indescribable me hahaha
nice postttt and i loving it ^_^

Ken Wooi said...

nice.. surely enjoyed making new friends right =)

Unknown said...

loving it paste into contact "BUKU 555"

Isley Chang~ said...

ah. what nice to meet a lot of people~

Dr. Bentara said...

yours truly with 7 chicks... try beat that!

TianChad田七 said...

whoy, why highlight "single and available" ar? lol
The fact can be false at anytime~

Jacquelyn Ho said...

darling, you should exclude my name as i'm no longer in the competition :)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Jac, doesnt matter.. It's for remembrance. ^^ Happy to spend some time with u also mah!

RedButtockz Wern said...

burgembira with everybodyyyy ^^

Kokd said...

Nice! Miss you peeps!

ame said...

good effort....... :-) nice post