Sunday, September 26

I Was Wrong

Hi there!
This will be a wordy update as currently I'm on the bus. Travelling with my selangor story is indeed fun, filled with eye opening experiences. I'm doing fine despite the exhaustion. Travelling kills. I prefer driving because sitting here on bumpy roads is quite torturing.

Throughout this journey, i came to realise that there's things that i was wrong about myself. I thought that I'm a village-city girl but i realise that I'm not now. The village is beautifully interesting, but i prefer soft mattresses with clean sheets. I miss the smell of softLan on my blanket. Lack of internet connection is also problem, but i still can live without internet. I love talking to peopl. So as long as there's people talking to me then I'll forget about the internet.

I used to think that Xeroz's mom is a hygiene freak, ended up i was like her too. I felt insecure for not being able to make sure the forks and spoon are properly clean before using them.

I'm glad that we're finally going to sunway city. Wheee! I can smell home already! I'm having itchy throat and a 'pei pa kou' will be soothing for my throat. But since i dont have any of cough syrup with me now tho best i can do is stay away from fried stuff and iced water. I'll try to drink more fluids to flush down the pathogen. Hope my immunoglobulin and macrophages can take action to fight this infection.

Our journey to the outskirts of town also educate the people about bloggers. They thought we are some kind of wartawan. But i told them that we are writers. I felt blessed to be part of this bloggers thing. So i must thank Marcus and tianchad for inducing me into this blogging world.

I've typed so much that my phone is giving me signal that i should end my post here now. Hope to prepare a full blog post soon. [Written using LG COOKIE KM555]


Kelvin Tan said...

You've lived too long to love the sins in the city.

Kelvin said...

City born can never be used to villages.