Tuesday, September 21

Happy Mid-Autumn Day~!!!


Thanks to Loo Family that i have the opportunity to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival yearly.

Well, XeRoZ have a close bonded family (which i truly treasure & admire). There will be yearly gathering for Mid Autumn Festival. And as i left Subang Skypark Terminal Airport from Tioman, i was told that we need to head down to Petaling Jaya for dinner with family.

I was amazed that 2nd Aunty actually baked a variety of cakes for us!

~*Banana Muffin*~

~*Home made MoonCake with nuts *~

~* Vanilla Chocolate Sponge Cake *~

~*Cream Puff*~

~* Zhu Zai Peng *~
It was food-filled:-
-Fried rice & soya-sauce chicken (by Jian's mom)
-Fried noodles, kuih & pineapple (by 1st Aunty)
-Agar-agar & orange (By YiYi)

One thing i regretted not able to do is to play lanterns. I think maybe its a working monday that everyone was so busy and tired. We all spent time watching television. Next year i want to play lanterns & candles! Nonetheless, it was an incredible effort by the aunties & uncles.

I'm sure grandpa & grandma Loo will be happy to see the family united. =) My family doesn't have this culture, so i feel very lucky to experience Mid Autumn Celebration with the Loo Family!

Okay, what if next year i'll prepare some food too????
(i can imagine Ah Boy, Ah Hong, Ah Hang, Ah Seng and Ah Jian laughing already)

I'll keep you updated for next year Mid Autumn's celebration then XD

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you all. Cherish your family and embrace happiness together. Time does not wait.


Matthew Gan said...

yor ...

those cakes look very yummy le..

make me feel very hungry liao la!!

15min to go .then can cabut ady !

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Hehe..Happy Mid Autumn to you~

Jack Ng said...

zhong chau jit fai lok :D