Friday, August 6

Stuff Magazine Anniversary Ends With A Blast of Sony DVD Home Theatre System!

Happy 6th Anniversary Stuff Magazine!

Yupz, i just came back from Ecoba, PJ Trade Center. There were load of people ^^!

We were fortunate that we have a special table, surrounded by super models. *sexy chicks*

I just love their heels!

Anyway, it was a great event. I had been to the anniversary last year and came to know that Stuff Anniversary Event is very generous with fabulous lucky draws.

Never did we (me and my friends) expected to bring home a SONY DVD Home Theatre System. My gal friend, Rachel Koh, was one of the lucky winners!

Well, we were all head over heels with the prize. Can't wait to test it =)
She's so happy she's grinning from ear to ear..

Hmmm.. tomorrow "wat" her belanja me first. LOL!

Oklah Goodnight all!


suhaisweet said...

Nice one!, Visit my latest, goin' to touch ur heart, hopefully ;D

goingkookies said...

awww. that's really awesome!!

too bad u didn't bring home something for ur self.. but u won a lucky treat from ur friend!! =)