Thursday, August 19

Munchy's Mimic To The Muzic Contest!

Many of you think that i'm a contest junkie. But i think i'm not qualified to be called that yet. I only join contests that connects to my heart. Doing things that i love to do, related with subjects or topics that i love, will definitely produce better result.

Winning contests does not rely purely on luck. It's a combination of effort, creativity, idea, sacrifices. My ideas usually comical, because i love to make people laugh. To have a bunch of supportive friends is an additional bonus. Friends that want to help from the bottom of their heart, and not friends that help and wish you to repay them back.

So today, i'll share with you the making of my Munchy's Mimic To The Muzic Contest.

Hmmm.. Guess what am i doing here?

Ta daaaa...

Nice or not???

The music notes were done by my music prodigy sister, The RedButtockz Wern.

Sacrifice must be done. In this video i am Miss Stressful.
I had to look like an aunty, stressed with work.

Next important component is the Munchy's Muzic Wafer.
They remain truely as themselves, the delicious biscuits.

Here's my team of friends. This time XeRoZ isn't here because he is working in Banting.
We did this spontaneously. haha..
No scripts, or anything.

Our task is to creatively incorporate the munchy's muzic tone into our video, after eating the biscuit. Our video must be approx 30seconds long. None of us are from multimedia background. So, this is a challenge we must overcome.

Next, wanna see our video?
Here it is!!!!

Do I deserve your votes?
If you like me, or my video, you can make me a winner. All you need to do is:

If your videos are closely matched with the TOP 3 videos at the end of this competition, you may win yourself an iPOD TOUCH 8GB (10 registrant with the most accurately matched winners).

All you need to do is as below:-

You need to cast your vote daily till 2nd of September. Just register once will do.

Then go to the gallery, pick 2 other videos that you like the most.
Don't forget my video yah!

You can vote from today until 2nd September.

Hurry!!! What are you waiting for?
The IPOD TOUCH 8GB is waiting for you!!!

Click here to go to Munchy's Muzic Website

Special thanks to Jack, Koko, TianChad, Wern & Munchy's Technical Team.


atreyu strange said...

Nice one babe. In fact it was very spontaneous. Will head for voting later. Now must work first! Heeee..

RedButtockz Wern said...

me likey cat ears picha veli veli muchie :D

Ken Wooi said...

oh that's you ah!
no wonder i see so familiar lah.. haha =P

Ronnie said...

All the best to you !!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Atreyu strange: OK..Work first, vote later k.

@RedButtockz Wern: meow!

@Ken: HAHAHA...who else always act as siao char bo?

@Ronnie: TQ Ronnie!

JadyCloud said...

That's Fantastic! I'll vote for you!!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...


Jasmine said...

all the best to u ! may your video win girl !

nanti i vote for u after work , now nanti bos nampak i surf the net mampus i

Hilda Milda™ said...

you're always good in making video (: all the best then!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Vampire hahaha..don jeopardise ur work oh

@Hilda milda, no lah. just to play around see can earn money to buy a house.

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Good luck! :)

Edward Poh said...

Yo good luck for da vid~~

Voted for you everyday.. Your friend intro-ed me! hehe
Can you vote for me in your choices too?
haha mine is two videos above yours.
Multiscreen munch. thanks!! :)