Thursday, August 26

MsXeRoZ Turns Blue!

It all started with the LOGO Design thingy...

I have spent like 3 seconds thinking what should i do with all my beautiful noob designs. You know, it took me 24hours to design those logos..
(View my previous post on the Logo Design here)

Thinking that i shouldn't waste all my creative products, i should modify it into my header.

This was originally my blog design.

Then i perasan thought that Blue will match with my fav colour pink.
Ended up it looks so awful!

So i re-add my v^^ pic, thinking that it will compensate the ugliness and turned it into a beautiful looking layout..

Obviously, i miscalculated.

UGLY + UGLY don't add up to be PRETTY...

I did kept some old designs..a light pink version.
which i feel is sweet & delightful..

But it's so sweet, that i beh tahan think it's NOT me.

Wahaha~ So i turned it all blue then..
Job done!


The center part..looks awful leh!


Should i turn it into pink again?



marccus said...

blue more comfort XD hahha

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

guys love blue..kekeke

Blur Pei said...

how bout this blue u using with yellow? tat makes marshmallow color... SWEET !

atreyu strange said...


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Blurpei, yellow no ngam me..

@Atreyu.. HAHAH Ok..ada confident sikit then..

Ronnie said...

the center portion..cannot put a lighter blue ? or somesort of blue ?

Dori Lukey said...

pink is better lehh.. i like pink~!

RK said...

nice logo and nice blue ! xD