Tuesday, August 17


It was a "headache" week for me last week.
Sometimes, too many "good stuff" can be hazardous to my health.

So I desperately looked forward for my 3D 2N Langkawi trip with Jian & his secondary schoolmate. It was my 1st time travelling with MAS as well. Thanks to A&W for giving me complimentary flight to Langkawi during the video submission. ^^

We arrived in the Langkawi air space within 1 hour.

It was a spectacular morning as i could see many rainbows on my way here. =)

Langkawi is pretty much 'un-disturbed' since the last time i was here.

The skies are shining in welcoming blue...

The cows & buffaloes were left roaming freely.
Something which really brightens up my day.

I was worried as well, afraid that the cows suddenly run towards me.
But y'know, cows are herbivors..hehee.. silly me!

Rain was plentiful when we were there. The scorching heat of the sun was eventually tamed.

Which makes Langkawi cool and cosy. Perfect remedy for relaxation.
And also perfect for "drinking" moments.

Everything were slow and steady.
Sceneries were pleasant and air was fresher too!

We sneaked in a private beach, and they were all soaking themselves in the sea.

While i was enjoying my time, lying under the shade.
Every fiber of me wishing i could do this every weekend.

I love nature very much (but not insects, reptiles and anything that look murderous)...

Awana Porto Malai is also a nice place to stay.
I would say it is a beautiful place but if the landscaping is being maintained, it will be even more spectacular!

Located in the secluded Tanjong Malai, surrounded by green hills and the sea.

I think it's great if we can have some relax and peaceful time once in a while.

I'm was in a dilemma last week. I had made my decision, and this week is the vital week for me.
Hope everything goes on well, and Good Luck to myself!

If you feel stressful, tensed up and emotional, try go for a getaway and have a peace of mind. It works!



TOLANIC said...

Nice trip you got there. Did you rent a car to travel around over there?

M-Knight said...

beautiful rainbow above the sky...haven't been to Langkawi for a long time....

jfook said...

Nice photos. XD Like it.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Tolanic, yeah rented a car there.

@M-knight, oh u should go there if u have a chance.

@jfook, glad that you like it.

Ken Wooi said...

nice pics!
eh, please blog about places/attractions to visit in langkawi! im going there end of this month.. haha.. need your recommendations.. will be looking forward to it =)

TianChad田七 said...

All the best and good luck!

Blur Pei said...

ulala.. great trip. i nvr knew langkawi is tat fun,remembering last time i only went for once when i staying nearby. regret!shd go as much as i can.

good luck!

melmonica said...

lucky you for getting a free air tix. it's been a while since i'm on a getaway T_T

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TianChad, thank you.

@Blurpei, It's still not too late yet.

@Melmonica, just do it ^^

Jaerragus said...

Nice pics... nice place... and stuff with nice price...haha

Kelvin said...

U should close up and zoom on the bikini babes XD

Fact: Buffaloes kill when anger.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@jaerragus, lols..yea "nice" price.

@Kelvin, the bikini babes, erm.. like michelin tyre maskot- u know what i mean?