Saturday, August 21

Istimewa Ramadhan: Buka Puasa with Otak Otak Place

I was so hungry that all i could think of is FOOD.. FOOD...

Woke up early Saturday and carpooled with TianChad to an "orange-coloured" office. Due to unforeseen circumstances, TianChad was caught in a room, leaving me alone. Hungry...

So, i camera-jacked him, and grab some of his exclusive photos...*hiak hiak hiak*
Thought of digging some "Edison" Chen photo, but seems like little TianChad here is a goody boy.

Last night, both of us went for "berbuka puasa" at Otak Otak place, IOI Boulevard.
Technically we berbuka puasa, but we didnt puasa lah. Just join in the buka fun ^^

Otak Otak Place is a unique place, very calm and comfy. I think i will visit here more because I'm beginning to love it.

On top of the tables were a deck of Happy Family card. I wanted to play it but there wasn't enough kaki to play Happy Family with me.

Ramadhan Specials: The dinner set here is quite affordable.

So we took 2 sets of Ramadhan special.
Each set is served with a free flow ramadhan drink: Air Sirap Bandung
2 strips of Otak Otak,
2 biji kurma manis
Jelly Bandung Milo.

Soon thereafter, our food arrived.
My Otak Otak Place Chicken Rice.

TianChad's Nasi Lemak Otak Otak Special.

Our buka puasa date was being ambushed by XeRoZ..
Hoho Ho..

joking lah~

XeROz drop by to give me house keys, and poof he's gone.

I think we're kinda allergic to each other.
This is how lovey dovey we both are.


Overall Otak Otak Place is quite fun to be in =) The food is nice too.


After writing this blogpost, TianChad is not out from the glass room yet.
*stares at the wall*

I'm Hungry~!!!!


RedButtockz Wern said...

LOL muka sial

SuFang (Careen) said...

haha.. sweet.. buka puasa kononnya~

TianChad田七 said...

Sorry for the long wait =S
That's what u need to do bcs you carpool with me ma haha.

But still at least we had a good lunch right? ;p

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Red Buttockz Wern. TQ for being honest.

@SuFang, LOL, ya lah konon kononnya~

@TianChad, yupz, great lunch with atreyustrange

Kelvin said...

Tat nasi lemak looks so delicious!!!

smashpOp said...

ahahah i sat at the same table as well the last time i went

Thristhan said...

Hi Nicole, nice blog. Was introduced to you by Tian Chad. I'm calling him to a bloggers gathering this thursday at Holiday Villa Subang, 7pm. Hope you can join too. He should be talking to you about it :).