Friday, August 27

Ipoh Pikom PC Fair


Was back in hometown for the time being (until Sunday).
I was lazing around, hibernating the whole afternoon, and was surprise that my dad actually wanted to go to the PC Fair.


" You want to go PC Fair for what?" i asked.

"Buy PC stuff lah..." he replied.

The Ipoh PIKOM PC Fair is being held at Indoor Arena, Stadium Indera Mulia.
It has been almost erm...5 years since i last stepped here.

As usual, PC Fairs are like warzones.
The front liners will be the telco GIANTS: Streamyx, Celcom, DiGi and Maxis.

Once the promoters detect anyone within the radius of the entrance, they'll swarm over to you to promote their latest broadband package.

Very efficient, but a little scary. I feel very bad to disappoint these young promoters that i'm using Streamyx despite how much i hated Steamyx's services.

Y'know, Love Hate Relationship usually lasts longer. So i'm keeping my affection to Streamyx the way it is now.

Mom stepped in and told me, "OH PC fair is pasar malam like that lah!". Then she said " Aiyor, so many people i pening lah"

-.-" Luckily she didnt mention she wanted to visit the KL version of PC Fair. wahaha.. confirm gotta call ambulance coz she will pengsan there!

The PC Fair in Ipoh, is rather small scale. Mostly promoting accessories, antivirus etc. None of the electronic Giants were there. I don't see the HUGE LG, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, Asus etc etc booths.. Without the electronic Giants, we can expect less beautiful PC Fair Chicks.. (Actually there's none).

So we left for home after i negotiated a monitor for parents and RedButtockz Wern.


But, the computer doesnt match the new monitor =.=




marccus said...

haha XD then u can change the mouse and key ady =P

Dori Lukey said...

u're from ipoh too! i miss ipoh

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Marccus, yeah...

@Lukey, hehee..come ipoh then =)