Wednesday, August 18

Heart2Heart: Love, Money & Sex

Not too long ago, someone i knew tried to quantify love. It was a simple discussion session filled with laughter, until someone brought this topic up.

The core question was: Would you give your all when you are in love?

Being an open-ended question, there were many answers and feedback from group members. For me, i believe that I gave my best to XeROz, and i confidently can say that he gave his best to me. However, there are times where we make some reservations for ourselves. We need to be a little selfish..haha..but in an acceptable way for both parties lah!

Love, being a subjective thing, cannot be quantify or measure. It will sound ridiculous if somebody says "Today i love you 70% because yesterday you hurt me." or "Since you kiss me today, i'm going to love you 100%". I wonder if anybody can adjust their love in percentage. So if I'm angry at you i'm gonna love you 20%?

But there will be time, when you feel that you love him lesser than it used to be. Could this be a symptom that you no longer feel attracted to him? Well, I don't know...

Another friend told me, NO MONEY = NO GIRLFRIEND. Well i agree with his statement. Without money to even feed yourself, don't ever think of having a girlfriend. I mean, if you love that girl, would you want her to suffer without food with you? There's no such thing as "when in love, drink water also will full" (direct translation: oi qing yam sui bao). But sometimes, this too is hard to justify.
- If no money=no girlfriend, then all poor people cannot fall in love?
- How much money only can have girlfriend?
- Do the boyfriend have to pay for every expenses of the girlfriend?
- What is the cost of maintaining a girlfriend?
and the list goes on...

Another question that arise during the discussion was -
Is sex necessary for a dating couple?
Can sex prolong the relationship duration?

Hmmmm....what do you think?


Kelvin said...

Not only u need to have money, but u need to be rich. That's how most young girls thinks nowadays.

Girls love bad boys, why? Coz normally bad boys are rich and handsome. Thats why they can afford to be bad.

Have u seen a poor or ugly boy acting bad?

They tend to compare and some even expects boyfriends to pay for everything.

They rather end up crying in a boyfriend's car then in a bus when breaking up...

There's actually no need for sex, i know many couples gave each other their 1st time on the night they married. And they are still as loving as before.

Girls need to say no.

Blur Pei said...

loves only can be calculated in THE SIMS.. lol...hmm. when u found out that u miss/love him less, doesn't mean is time to let go. both just too comfortable to each other, and is time to do something to spark each other.

"no money= no gf" partially disagree. if you really found a gf when u are not rich, then congratulations, you got a good gf. actually...females nowadays working, we able to feed ourselves. Yes we might need bf to treat once a while. i tot love is priceless? **am i too...innocent?** it just depend are u going to find a materialistic gf or not. =)

well as if like what Kelvin says, compare and high expectations. It's always happens in this competitive world.I do compare and disappointed a little. but when think bout how he loves me, i m more happy. just example: If a bf treat u badly (even hits u), but he buys presents for you whenever he apologized, u choose leave or stays?

and i don think sex is necessary =) if he loves u, he respect.

we find a bf just bcoz we want them love us, and same, they want us love them.
appreciate also plays a major role. as simple as 'thank you' when he do anything to u, he will appreciate u more =)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Very well elaborated, and i agree with your views. I think as girls, we are more sexy without simply offering sex to our partner prior marriage.

Yes i agree with you. Not all girls are plain materialistic. We need someone to protect us, love us, and care for us. Not just shower us with gifts and money, but when we need for him the most, he isn't there. We girls are capable of working and not necessarily need guys to pay 100% for everything.

LJ said...

But with the people being very open minded, they would want sex. But I feel if they want to do it, they have to be prepared for the consequences.

I used to think I would choose love over bread but not now anymore. Bread is still a necessity in life

TOLANIC said...

Nowadays money can buy love. Fake love is the best word. =)

TianChad田七 said...

Haha no money = no girlfriend kinda suit my current situation ar. Or is it I am the one saying that? =S

Money is still the base of a relationship. Without it we can't do anything. But if got too much money will end up with problems too.

Such as trade for sex +++, divide property after divorce and many bad thing could happen =S

Ronnie said...

SEX is not needed when dating !
It is not a matter of open minded or not. Give once and will request for more...that is a guys thinking !

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@LJ Hmm..yupz some people are more conservative, but some are open. We cant control how people perceive sex. But hopefully, our society shouldnt think sex as a must in a relationship. Guys should treat it as a bonus, and respect the girl's decision.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Tolanic, haha money is everything it seems. I admit that im one of the girls who would fall in love with guys who has the resources to pamper their girl. Too bad, good guys with the $$ power is rare to come by. I'm still grateful with the one i had chosen. HAHA..

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@TianChad, wow..u really think very far. Maybe this post will help you understand more about love, sex and money in a relationship. HAHA..

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Ronnie, yes, i agree with you. 100%

SuFang (Careen) said...

Hmm.. ur post makes me thk a lot =) I really dun thk sex will prolong a relationship.. protect the gal if u like her.. btw, many ppl do say no money = no galfren.. somehow it's a factor but not reli matter~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Su Fang, Having sex everyday doesnt guarantee long relationship. That's why i say treat sex as bonus. Kalau ada, ada. Kalau takde, tak apa (for guys lah). Dont take sex as a reason to dump the girl