Friday, August 27

Getting To Know Other Bloggers Is a Fun Thing!

It was a Thursday evening... & tomorrow is an official Public Holiday for Selangor..


Nothing can ever go wrong with a perfect day like this!

I got myself a handsome driver to fetch me to Buka Puasa Dinner with other bloggers. It was fantastic! Finally found someone to drive me while i get some sunset shots that i always had wanted to snap while driving (but its too dangerous!).

We were supposed to gather at 7pm @ Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya.
but we arrived about 7.34pm.

Bad example of punctuality!
(Sorry everyone for being late)

The Ramadhan Buffet is like a full scale BAZAAR!!!! I was astonished to see the crowd & the varieties of food there! Well, this time i'm not blogging about the food. I'll leave that to the experts. There are 4 food bloggers in the room. *proud* I'm so happy to meet people i've never met before.

So let me intro to you some of the bloggers:-

1. Feeq from Feeqsays Network.
A 20-year-old, thai-singaporean-malaysian-indonesian blogger. Funny and honest. =)

Then there's one of my idol in the blogging world- Moderator of Malaysia Asia: David Hogan Jr & Lilian. When i first started blogging, his blog was one of the first i visited. I was amazed to see how people would dedicate in writing blog post that is truly inspiring. I hope one day my blog would be an inspiration to the future generation too! *semangat*

While Edelina was the General Manager for Holiday Inn Subang. They were discussing on the functions of 4-square..Which, i haven't have one..(I'm outdated! T_T)

Then there's this macho guy..
Marcus from

Funny and Fit =) that's what i would describe him as.
There's also Rebecca, TianChad, Anna Bella, Nafisah, & Thrishan,
we were too busy chatting & joking, that i was too occupied to take their photos!

But i think we will all meet again, and i will definitely get your photos for remembrance!

Last but not least, thanks Holiday Villa for the Buka Puasa Dinner, warm hospitality & giving me a chance to meet other bloggers.

For detailed food pictures, please view Thristhan's blog!

*yawnz* Tired ler... Oh ya before you go to bed, can you please help me rank my Munchy's Muzic Contest Video?


Arief Arf said...

wow, that looks fun!
no pics of the food =(

Dori Lukey said...

so fun can gather with bloggers >.<

Thristhan said...

Holiday Villa la sayang :). Great to have you there to join us. I've just updated my blog, can check out the food photos there. Have a great weekend.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Arief, you can visit thristhan's blog for the detailed pictures of the food.

@Lukey, yupz!

@Thristhan,erm..did i spell wrong anywhere? HAHA..

RedButtockz Wern said...

sunset yg sungguh mengemokan