Saturday, August 28

All New MsXeRoZ.....

Check it out~!!!


k gtg baaaiiiz~

Friday, August 27

Ipoh Pikom PC Fair


Was back in hometown for the time being (until Sunday).
I was lazing around, hibernating the whole afternoon, and was surprise that my dad actually wanted to go to the PC Fair.


" You want to go PC Fair for what?" i asked.

"Buy PC stuff lah..." he replied.

The Ipoh PIKOM PC Fair is being held at Indoor Arena, Stadium Indera Mulia.
It has been almost erm...5 years since i last stepped here.

As usual, PC Fairs are like warzones.
The front liners will be the telco GIANTS: Streamyx, Celcom, DiGi and Maxis.

Once the promoters detect anyone within the radius of the entrance, they'll swarm over to you to promote their latest broadband package.

Very efficient, but a little scary. I feel very bad to disappoint these young promoters that i'm using Streamyx despite how much i hated Steamyx's services.

Y'know, Love Hate Relationship usually lasts longer. So i'm keeping my affection to Streamyx the way it is now.

Mom stepped in and told me, "OH PC fair is pasar malam like that lah!". Then she said " Aiyor, so many people i pening lah"

-.-" Luckily she didnt mention she wanted to visit the KL version of PC Fair. wahaha.. confirm gotta call ambulance coz she will pengsan there!

The PC Fair in Ipoh, is rather small scale. Mostly promoting accessories, antivirus etc. None of the electronic Giants were there. I don't see the HUGE LG, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, Asus etc etc booths.. Without the electronic Giants, we can expect less beautiful PC Fair Chicks.. (Actually there's none).

So we left for home after i negotiated a monitor for parents and RedButtockz Wern.


But, the computer doesnt match the new monitor =.=



Getting To Know Other Bloggers Is a Fun Thing!

It was a Thursday evening... & tomorrow is an official Public Holiday for Selangor..


Nothing can ever go wrong with a perfect day like this!

I got myself a handsome driver to fetch me to Buka Puasa Dinner with other bloggers. It was fantastic! Finally found someone to drive me while i get some sunset shots that i always had wanted to snap while driving (but its too dangerous!).

We were supposed to gather at 7pm @ Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya.
but we arrived about 7.34pm.

Bad example of punctuality!
(Sorry everyone for being late)

The Ramadhan Buffet is like a full scale BAZAAR!!!! I was astonished to see the crowd & the varieties of food there! Well, this time i'm not blogging about the food. I'll leave that to the experts. There are 4 food bloggers in the room. *proud* I'm so happy to meet people i've never met before.

So let me intro to you some of the bloggers:-

1. Feeq from Feeqsays Network.
A 20-year-old, thai-singaporean-malaysian-indonesian blogger. Funny and honest. =)

Then there's one of my idol in the blogging world- Moderator of Malaysia Asia: David Hogan Jr & Lilian. When i first started blogging, his blog was one of the first i visited. I was amazed to see how people would dedicate in writing blog post that is truly inspiring. I hope one day my blog would be an inspiration to the future generation too! *semangat*

While Edelina was the General Manager for Holiday Inn Subang. They were discussing on the functions of 4-square..Which, i haven't have one..(I'm outdated! T_T)

Then there's this macho guy..
Marcus from

Funny and Fit =) that's what i would describe him as.
There's also Rebecca, TianChad, Anna Bella, Nafisah, & Thrishan,
we were too busy chatting & joking, that i was too occupied to take their photos!

But i think we will all meet again, and i will definitely get your photos for remembrance!

Last but not least, thanks Holiday Villa for the Buka Puasa Dinner, warm hospitality & giving me a chance to meet other bloggers.

For detailed food pictures, please view Thristhan's blog!

*yawnz* Tired ler... Oh ya before you go to bed, can you please help me rank my Munchy's Muzic Contest Video?

Thursday, August 26

MsXeRoZ Turns Blue!

It all started with the LOGO Design thingy...

I have spent like 3 seconds thinking what should i do with all my beautiful noob designs. You know, it took me 24hours to design those logos..
(View my previous post on the Logo Design here)

Thinking that i shouldn't waste all my creative products, i should modify it into my header.

This was originally my blog design.

Then i perasan thought that Blue will match with my fav colour pink.
Ended up it looks so awful!

So i re-add my v^^ pic, thinking that it will compensate the ugliness and turned it into a beautiful looking layout..

Obviously, i miscalculated.

UGLY + UGLY don't add up to be PRETTY...

I did kept some old designs..a light pink version.
which i feel is sweet & delightful..

But it's so sweet, that i beh tahan think it's NOT me.

Wahaha~ So i turned it all blue then..
Job done!


The center part..looks awful leh!


Should i turn it into pink again?


Wednesday, August 25

MsXeRoZ Logo (updated with Logo 4)

Promise me you won't laugh at me ah???

Okay, TianChad was encouraging me to do a name card for my blog. Well, i was thinking about it too, but i don't have a blog logo for me to decorate my name card with.

And so i began my quest to design my own logo.



Actually it is kind of embarrassing. I don't know how to design. I don't know how to define my logo but i do know i'd like to to represent me & my blog.

So here it is:-

*Reminder: Please don't laugh*

Based on Love, Stars, Music & MsXeRoZ

please let me know if there's anything wrong with my logo, and where should i improve?

Based on Love, Stars, Music & MsXeRoZ

Based on Stars & M for MsXeRoZ


So what do you think?

Which one suits me and where should i improve?

Your comments are really appreciated!!!!

Tuesday, August 24

Langkawi: LightHouse

When i was little & innocent as it may be, one of my favourite book is The Famous Five series by Enid Blyton. To be frank, i have read all her (series) books, and i was deeply affected by her writings. Being born in Malaysia, we weren't exposed to the scenes that she wrote in the book.

Island, Mysteries, Sunken Treasures...There were times i wish those were true and i am a part of the adventures.

Until when i was in Langkawi, this is the first time i see a lighthouse.

This lighthouse is located on the opposite bank of the Petronas Quay. The roads were semi-open and you have to find your way in. Along the newly built road, you may find hordes of cows grazing on the green grass. Spectacular sight!

This Lighthouse did spook me a little. There were black cats lazing around the house. The cats seems like the guardian of the place (my perception). Local fishermen were there too! They tell us that the Lighthouse were closed, and there were kitten inside. The doors are locked and only God knows how did the kittens enter.

If you wish to visit this lighthouse, please beware of hornets. The hornets appear out of no where and the fishermen told us to becareful.

In short, it's a nice place to visit, with very calm scenery.
I was also happy to spot a black & white FernLeaf cow.
(hahaha..never see this kind of cow before)

No matter how fast the Earth spin and turn, Langkawi will still be one peaceful town.

Till then, XD

Saturday, August 21

Istimewa Ramadhan: Buka Puasa with Otak Otak Place

I was so hungry that all i could think of is FOOD.. FOOD...

Woke up early Saturday and carpooled with TianChad to an "orange-coloured" office. Due to unforeseen circumstances, TianChad was caught in a room, leaving me alone. Hungry...

So, i camera-jacked him, and grab some of his exclusive photos...*hiak hiak hiak*
Thought of digging some "Edison" Chen photo, but seems like little TianChad here is a goody boy.

Last night, both of us went for "berbuka puasa" at Otak Otak place, IOI Boulevard.
Technically we berbuka puasa, but we didnt puasa lah. Just join in the buka fun ^^

Otak Otak Place is a unique place, very calm and comfy. I think i will visit here more because I'm beginning to love it.

On top of the tables were a deck of Happy Family card. I wanted to play it but there wasn't enough kaki to play Happy Family with me.

Ramadhan Specials: The dinner set here is quite affordable.

So we took 2 sets of Ramadhan special.
Each set is served with a free flow ramadhan drink: Air Sirap Bandung
2 strips of Otak Otak,
2 biji kurma manis
Jelly Bandung Milo.

Soon thereafter, our food arrived.
My Otak Otak Place Chicken Rice.

TianChad's Nasi Lemak Otak Otak Special.

Our buka puasa date was being ambushed by XeRoZ..
Hoho Ho..

joking lah~

XeROz drop by to give me house keys, and poof he's gone.

I think we're kinda allergic to each other.
This is how lovey dovey we both are.


Overall Otak Otak Place is quite fun to be in =) The food is nice too.


After writing this blogpost, TianChad is not out from the glass room yet.
*stares at the wall*

I'm Hungry~!!!!

Friday, August 20

Langkawi: Cable Car

Wooootzz..Here's another "MUST VISIT" attraction in Langkawi.

The Langkawi Cable Car!
The Oriental Village is free-entry but the main attraction is riding up the cable car to the top of the mountain and walk on the sky-bridge.

On the way up, we will be served with a spectacular, breathtaking view of the sea, the mountains and waterfall.

The mountains are quite steep. If you are afraid of heights, then hold tight!
When it's windy, the cable car will sway a little, giving more adrenalin rush.

Look how steep it is =)

Upon arriving at the 1st platform, took some couple pics with xeRoZ.

We can actually see the amazing skybridge from here.
Can't wait to get up there ^^

Went up there with 10 other guys...

It was really disappointing that:

So we paid, went up there and snap some pics.

Luckily, the beautiful scenery did compensate some fun!

I'm pretty disgusted with the business ethics of our country. I feel scammed, cheated and totally disappointed. We paid RM11 for our trip up there. There were no signs or notice to tell us that the skybridge is closed. We weren't told that the platform is closed too!

I mean, whats the point of going up there?

The weather is fine, the maintenance notice written was that the bridge is closed on 19 August onwards. We went up on 15th August, so what's the reason for the bridge being closed?

Here's some view of the Oriental Village.

Quite pretty. Hope they'll maintain it properly.

Cable Car Entrance fee: RM11/pax
Please check whether the skybridge/platform etc is opened before going there.
Operating hours: 10-5pm. (as written on the board)
Visit this website for more info (but i doubt it's accurate, so call before you go)

Panorama Langkawi Sdn. Bhd.
Cable Car Station, Oriental Village, Burau Bay,
07000 Langkawi, Kedah, West Malaysia.
Tel: 604-959 4225
Fax: 604-959 4121