Thursday, July 22

When You Feel Like Doing Things Spontaneously...

Sometimes, you may feel burdened by things around you.
Stress filled up your minds...
Tension evades your soul...

Well as for me, during these kind of awful moments, i would go for a swim, meet some friends up, shopping or go away from town for the weekend.

and that's what me and my friends did last few weekend.

We went all the way down to Melaka~

I was borned in Melaka 14th May, 24 years go. Lived in Melaka until i was 6, then the whole family shifted to Ipoh.
I still have my relatives here, and a beautiful old but scary house. =)

Upon arrival, we went to Pahlawan for no reason. The trip was spontaneous, we had no plans whatsoever at all.

After exited from parking lot, i saw this cute Japanese Sushi Stall~ A BOAT RESTAURANT!

The price isn't cheap. So we didn't want to try it~
For me, if i wan good sushi, i'll go line up at Sushi Zanmai.

Then there's a KFC look-a-like called KAIZER,
hmm..i never entered so i wonder what actually it is serving.
Anyone tried Kaizer before? is it good?

My favourite attraction in Melaka shopping malls are the gift shop.
I mean, it's every girls fantasy land. *I consider myself a girl when it comes to this issue*

Look, here's Shin Chan!

I'd love to buy this pillow for my car!
but it's wayyyy to expensive!
*because someone didn't buy for me*

I wouldn't mind another doggy huggies...
even though i have 2 already!
*but someone didn't buy for me*

Oh then i found, a gay-ish DORAEMON COUPLE WEDDING!
Where got female doraemon one!

Yeah, I'm alone T-shirt~
I can't really make out what is the picture on this shirt~
so i didn't buy it.

On our way looking for something special to eat, i saw this icecream stall, located strategically to be noticed by any icecream lover.

But too bad, the ice cream isn't good. It's too "milky" taste for my liking. Not suitable for milk lovers.

TM were having some roadshow at Pahlawan too. We were all laughing at this...

A startled looking Blue Hyppo. I think TM Sales must be bad that they starved Blue Hyppo as well. Look how skinny it is (compared with the one on TV commercials).

Oh, here we go.. We finally found the Jewel in Pahlawan..

Nadeje Cafe!

Beautiful place to eat and relax, but be ready to pay the price of KL.

*whisper* My "so called" Home Made Apple Vinegar Soda, that taste like 7-Up with no apple smell in it costs me RM8.90!

That's equivalent to 3 bottles of 1.5L of 7-Up that we can buy!

I think drinking tea is more worth it because we can refill.

Miso Ramen, my friends told me the dry one is nicer to eat.
So, if you happen to be in Nadeje, try it out.

Ok, my fav Crepe Cake~
Strawberry flavour!

Chocolate Banana~

Delicious, not sweet and unique.
Extraordinarily Expensive too!
RM8.90 per piece.

Don't you think lately, the prices of food has gone astronomically wrong! That's 2 plates of chicken rice. LOL!

Went for toilet hunting because Nadeje doesn't have a build in toilet~

We were loitering the whole day, and at night, went for Medan Ikan Bakar!

It's located quite downtown, 20mins drive from Melaka Raya.
but it opens till 12 i think, so we had our supper there.

Ordered mouthwatering Sotong Goreng~
Price approx. RM14

And not to be missed, ikan bakar yang sedap
(approx. RM24)
*note: Picture is for illustration only. Actual food being walloped before able to take its photograph

Next morning, we had our breakfast at the heart of Melaka, Jonker Street.

Nice old buildings~

Waiting for food to be served...

And my dream car..

oh, what a wonderful day!

So here it is, me sharing with you the perfect way of releasing stress! =)
Go for a walk, eat nice food, experience something different!

Today will be the finals of the A&W What's Your Story Contest. And I'm all stressed out. That's y i need to revive my anti-stress moments. Wish me luck and wait for my good news!


Yetshin Chai said...

the cakes are so tempting!

Vicky 刘宁 said...

crepe cake!!!!!!!! O.O"""" LOL at ur drawing, that's cute! and u had a nice trip ei? :D goodie!

TOLANIC said...

Bibik House sounds weird!