Friday, July 23

A&W What's Your Story Contest: My Experience

It was an unbelievable day. The day itself created another A&W story for me, and the other 9 finalists.

Initially, i participated this contest because of fun. I didn't know what to expect. I submitted 2 entries, 1 for the writing category, entitled: The Reminiscences of A&W which i submitted under XeRoZ's name. Another one is for the video category, entitled: All About Love. My written story wasn't selected as top 5, but my video did make it through. So here I was!

My Journey in What's Your Story Contest:-
1. Beg my bf to participate --> He said "OK"
2. Borrow my friends camcorder --> Friends said "OK"
3. Prepare the props: Bear, I'm Sorry Board, Glittering lights.
4. Go A&W, makan, minum, bergembira, then start shooting.
5. Received call that my video is selected as Top 10
6. Received call that my video is selected as Top 5 (which means that i had automatically won myself a NetBook)
7. Did a presentation.
8. Waiting for results.
9. Yeah! Gone home as the 2nd winner!

*~*~*~ *

Me while presenting =)

Here's my little video =)

The next thing i knew, i my name was announced as the 1st runner up.

But the confetti went all over me.
(I think they heard wrongly and thought i'm the GRAND PRIZE winner)
but nevermind lah~ I syiok also being covered with confetti (1st time mah!!)

Winners for Video Category:
  • 1st Prize Winner: Thong Chern Yau
  • 2nd Prize Winner: Chua Yi Ling
  • 3rd Prize Winner: Beh Phaik In
  • Consolation Prize Winner:Mohd Hafifi Bin Abu Bakar and Mohd Shafieq Bin Ishak

Read more:
With all the winners =)

Karen (organizer) with me.

I can't resist the freshly made WAFFLE with ICE CREAM.
It was very delicious because it's FRESH!

I'm glad Jing Jing made it here too!
She's very kind and entertaining.
Thanks Jing Jing for everything. ^^

My greatest moment of happiness is that I brought myself home a PINK (omg pink) Acer Netbook!

Can you imagine!!! PINK!



I actually did some slides as additional props for my speech. But i forgotten to bring these photos. HAHAHAHA

So i don't want to waste these beautiful photos, i post it here :P

ROOT BEAR with XEROZ's finger.

NOM NOM NOM~ y kacau me makan!

Stealing ROOT BEAR's Root beer.

Special Thanks A&W 3k complex for the 6 moral support, friendliness and giving us your upstairs for recording.

Special thanks to XeRoZ for being so silly with the lights!

He can't resist Root beer... =.=
Special thanks to myself for being so brave..

Thanks A&W for serving nice food.

Last but not least, thanks FAT JACK the Great Root Bear for being here for me.

Thank YOU for supporting

I will share my story (written) and my presentation (video) later. =P

Thanks everyone for making this happen.

I Love U!


RedButtockz Wern said...

special thx to wern who act as kelefeh and too tired to continue and sleep all the way after that..

v!vi@n said...

wow...CONGRATZ!!!!!! X 30248392483 TIMES..hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Congraz wor! U win more stuffs than me now. Hhahahah! BTW ur video is awesome! :)

JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =). smiles

Ken Wooi said...

wow.. so cool lah..
congrats! =D

so lucky ah you.. im always bad at winning.. =P

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TOLANIC said...

Congratulation! Nice video clip you got there!

Thomas Lee said...

congratulations, you've the talent to be a short story director!

Unknown said...

wah nicole must be good year for u. win lotsa thingy XD

cklim said...

taniah boss

TianChad田七 said...

Woah fully promote my blog ar ;p
Congratz again to you and aim for next confetti lol~!

Kelvin said...

Sigh...i miss A&W...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Thanks all for your best wishes. I'm so happy^^