Wednesday, July 14

Something Called DREAM House...

It is a fact that i can dream whatever i want of, but one thing that I dare not dream about is a HOUSE. Owning a house is my top priority, something which i actually pray for everyday. However, it is unfortunate that with this current situation, i cannot afford a house.

Let me do some basic calculation for you to consider:
Double story link house, 20x70 : RM 330,000.00
10% downpayment : RM 33,000.00
Bank rate : -1.8 approx.
Tenure : 30 years
Monthly installment : RM 1,487.00

Being a typical Malaysian, my salary only RM2000.00
if every month i save 20% of my salary (RM400) it will take about 82.5 months to save the DEPOSIT only. 82.5 months is 6.8 years!

Then, after the house is ready (after 2-4 years)
Salary : RM2000.00
Car + Study Loan : RM500
House installment : RM1487
Balance for food : RM13 <--Depressing figure.

Which means, i have to LAPSE all my insurance policies, SURRENDER entertainment, NO MONEY for petrol, and of course, MY HOUSE WILL BE FURNITURE-LESS.

That's why i don't have to dream about it. This dream is a nightmare!

Owning a house on the hill, with beautiful view like this, will be totally out of the question!

But if ever i have a house, I love big couch (i'll be a potato couch then XD), bright colours, and a lot of fabrics. My curtains should be long and beaaaauutiful (i have a fetish for curtains and veils).

I'd like a big round table for dinner (Without the rose =.= of course), and cook for my mom, dad, mother in law, father in law, husband, sister, brother and everybody!

The disadvantage of square dining tables, despite being classy is that the food must be lined up vertically... which is super-duper inconvenient!

My bedroom must be PINK and rosey!!

With curtains, laces and beads!

(What a horrible headrest for a bed, in the pic below)

If i ever have kids, they room will be like this!

Ah, I guess, if i want my kids to have their own room like this, i better start working SUPER HARD from now on!

Well, life is hard, but we still need to live on.

For you young fellas out there, think about it. Start saving some pocket money, otherwise you'll end up like me...


kusut said...

i'm sure after 2 years, you'll have better salary right? and maybe in 5 years your dream will not seem impossible anymore

anyhow.. enjoyed ur post.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kusut, Hello~ in 2 years time, the property price escalade higher than my salary increment.

RedButtockz Wern said...

*ahem* excuse me? where's my room? its not shown here... i tot its in our agreement xD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@RedButtockz Wern ur room ah, u select lah, whichever u suka u tidur je

Dori Lukey said...

aiyah ask ur hubby pay then mai can lo...

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@lukey, i no hubby!!!

Kelvin said...

House are so damn ex nowadays.
coz of those fuck up developers.

KellyQueenie said...

**foot print**
I have the same dream as you..! But i think is worst for me to have a house in sg..!! Yup..!! Must start to save..!!
Thanks for ur nanged!
Nanged and clicked on ur advertisement ^^

Thomas Lee said...

that's reality,realising it early helps.

Isley Chang~ said...

by the time i able to buy a home. the property price will be insanely increase as well. better buy at somewhere else...

Cayenne said...

well, get a rich husband! you don't have to spend a cent for a house. =)

Raymond Choo said...

when u come to my house n capture the photo?

goingkookies said...

Don't give up your dream...

We've learnt that sedikit sedikit, lama menjadi bukit.

Why not try to set aside RM300 for food a month. RM500 for your car and student loan. RM500-700 for future house. And the rest for your other needs like hp, outings..

it is true.. if u want to fulfil ur dream.. it'll require some sacrifice.. so sometimes, u have to forgo on the entertainment bit.

tough but.. after a few years.. u'll be happy =)

Unknown said...

1st u need to do is buy yourself good book on property or at lest attend seminar r google bout it . For me, i probably buy 100 k plus apartment for start from auction house