Thursday, July 22

Sneak Peek: A&W What's Your Story Contest

It all started with these scratch cards~

and the Great Root Bear!

and a video that both me & XeRoZ did~

Then down to the final 3 contestants~ Rachel Beh, Me, and Mr. Tong.

Until i had my hands on the big, huge, mock cheque.

I'm so tired... I wanted to do a full post my i'm having bad headache and bodyache now. So keep your eyes fixed on my FULL COVERAGE blogpost tomorrow *promise*
As TheRedButtockz Wern had said, i walked this path alone, presented alone, and ended it alone.
It's over now =)

Last but not least, thanks to TianChad for his photographs and support!

I do hope you enjoy my video too!
(p/s: Sorry amateur video)


RedButtockz Wern said...

=) tidurlah sebelum anda ditidurkan xD

TOLANIC said...

Congratulation! =)

Vince G said...

Hey! Congrats! =D Got money can belanja me makan a&w lor! XD

Mohdzaid said...

wahahh tahniah.. dapat hadiah hebat.. nanti belanja i dan tianchad tau.. :) laptop tu kalau tak nak pun boleh kasi kat saya :P

M-Knight said...


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@RedButtockz Wern: Ya Mak~


@Vin Tsen Gan, can can~ =)

@Mohdzaid: HAHAHA..semua org nak saya belanja

@M-knight: Thanks Knight!

Kelvin said...

Wow, congrats ^^
I knew u would win~ *馬後炮*