Wednesday, July 21

Say Goodbye to Freedom,Lindsay Lohan!

Do you remember who Lindsay Lohan is?

This cute little girl from "Parent Trap".

When she was young and innocent, i really admired her. She's at the same age as I do, but she acted like a professional. She's cute, adorable and she's every kid a mother would want.

I watched Parent Trap for more than 10 times!

She grows up beautifully, starring in Freaky Friday alongwith Jamie Lee Curtis. A comedy which enlightens up our mind. A good movie that touches on respect, and boundaries between parent and daughter.

Lindsay was said to be the shining star of Hollywood. Besides Dakota Fanning, i dare to bet nobody else is as good as her. (Kristen Stewart wasn't even near.)

Instead of grasping all the golden opportunities around her. Lindsay took her life for granted and party all night long throughout the years!

and crashed her life!

She was high on drugs, alcohol and totally ruined her life!

the Trouble Trio who is famous for being pantyless and braless~
and drunk!

Look how her life turned upside down..

And today, she'll spend her first night in the jail.

Her negligence, ignorance and irresponsible ways cost her freedom for 2 weeks.

Come on Lindsay!

You're HOTTER than me!

RICHER than me!

CUTER than me!

most importantly, You're more TALENTED than me!

Fix your life!

I'm waiting for you to make a comeback!

All the best!


Dori Lukey said...

lol... too much fame is bad!

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

v!vi@n said...

yea, i like her too...its kinda sad she turned to be this way...hope she will be bek...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Lukey, Too much of something is bad...

@V1vi@n, yeah~ miss her movies!

dLa Suri said...

u also pretty as well :)