Sunday, July 25

Phuket: Island Hopping & Snorkeling at Khai Islands

I actually had forgotten to continue my Phuket blogpost.
(Sorry bout that)

So i shall continue from the previous section-Phuket Streets & Hard Rock Cafe..

Early in the morning, after being heavily drunk, i was refreshed by the morning air and beautiful scenery of Patong Beach.

It was a bright, beautiful day.

My trip was basically 50% scheduled and 50% Free & Easy. So on the 4th day, we were so free & easy that we went nearby to bargain for a island trip.
I was pretty good at bargaining i believe. I was offered 1000baht for a Khai Island Tour + 2 Snorkelling half day trip. I slashed that poor Thai Guy and paid 600baht for it.

at 11.30PM sharp, we were collected by a van, and was sent to meet KOKO- Our tourguide.

KOKO is a fantastic guy who speaks many languages, jovial, wacky.

and so our journey to the Islands began.

The boat ride wasn't boring. It felt really great letting the winds beating your face, and the saltiness of the sea water lingers on your lips.

There were plentiful of small islands that welcomes you to Phuket along the boat ride.

The speed boat ride takes about 30mins. We can see the James Bond Island along the way! =)

We passed by several islands with white sand and hot chicks in bikinis..

Then we arrived at our first destination- Khai Nai...

The waters and sand feels like heaven.

It was breathtaking.
But walking on the beach is very painful because of the bits of coral that was washed ashore. *OUCH*

Then I went snorkelling for 1 hour. We were supposed to play around the rope area, but there's a kind tourguide who offered to bring us to deeper sides where there are more fish. We followed him, and then i realised as deeper we go, the more dangerous it seems.

The fishes were BIGGER
There were JELLY FISH (small ones)
The corals are BIGGER, more BEAUTIFUL
There were LOADS of SEA URCHIN!

It's also my 1st time being in this situation. Honestly i panicked:
1. I DON'T KNOW how to use the flippers.
2. I'M AFRAID of the sea
3. I'm AFRAID of the sea urchin
4. I DON'T KNOW how to breathe using the snorkle goggle (what u call it?)

A huge joke happened. I managed to land between sea urchins. and i heard Jack choking. Jack was supposed to protect Rachel and Wern. But he choked, and zoom zoom he sped off to the shore. Rachel and Wern was stranded above of a school of sea urchins (luckily they had their emergency jackets on to help them afloat). Rachel wasn't wearing flippers, while Wern can't swim. Then, Wern was shrieking underwater. At the end, XeRoZ went to pull them over to a safe spot.

After that incident, we were wondering what happened to Jack?
Rupa-rupanya, he was stung by jelly fish and he ran away.

Why did Wern shriek?
Because the jelly fish was beside her.

After the snorkelling at Khai Nai, we went to Khai Nok for snorkelling session in the middle of the sea. I jumped into the sea, then i saw fishes swimming right beside my face. WOW~ So beautiful. I wont forget this sight until i die!

I remembered that i was floating with Wern, and then without realisingly we were drifting further from the boat. We didnt realise the storm is coming. In a short while, no fishes were seen, our boat steered further away. Then i tried my best to swim across the turbulance towards the boat. I WAS SO FREAKIN' SCARED!! T_T

1. Coz I STILL DON'T KNOW how to use the flippers.
2. I CANT SEE what's in front of me!
3. My SNORKLE GOGGLES are filled with sea water,
4. I CAN'T BREATHE properly.
5. The CURRENT keep pushing me away.
6. I keep THINKING WERN WILL DROWN AND DIE! wtf. coz she cant swim!

I panicked and finally used 100% of energy for my survival. wtf!
and Wern didn't drown and die.

The irony of this incident is that ALL GUYS wasn't in the water to help us. The guys were safe and sound on the boat =.=. Reason being:-
  1. XEROZ jumped in 1st, and then he climbed up to find safety jacket and Jack's camera
  2. JACK was looking for his camera and ask XEROZ to help look.
  3. TIANCHAD went to look for safety jacket.
  4. AH HENG is afraid of waters so he's out of the sea.
After the frightening incident, our boatman/tourguide brought us for leisure time in KHAI NUI. It was a very stormy sea, drizzling at the same time.

We can see the cloud of rains pouring on the neighbouring islands.

Since I can't play anything in the waters,
I played with the sands.

Despite the bad weather, Khai Island is still very amazingly beautiful.

And I took this opportunity to record the Project Alpha Audition Video.
(I wasn't selected to be the featured blogger for Season 3, though :P)

The video is quite noisy (due to the strong winds).

And before we end our Khai Island trip. We cam-whored XD

And so here's a memorable trip for me & my gang =)

Coming next~ The Sun Set Fun!


XeRoZ aka Marshall said...

I miss Phuket so much~

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@XeRoZ, lets go again ^^

RedButtockz Wern said...

miss douuuu~
keep saying i will drown -.-

RK said...

haha.. luckily wern still alive ! *hugs* to feel tat u r alive ! :P ~

Thristhan said...

I wanna go to Phuket :(

Blur Pei said...

wow.. so adventurous.. the boat guides shd be there to save u 2 pretties... >.< luckily there is life jacket.

nice post =)

Isley Chang~ said...

Great adventure at Phuket Islands~