Monday, July 19

The Making of A&W What's Your Story Contest


As i mentioned in my previous post, i was busy last week with my last minute video submission for A&W What's Your Story Contest.

I submitted 1 video and 1 essay for the competition. Last week, I was informed that both my video and essay was shortlisted to Top 10.

I was beaming with



The filming began at A&W 3K Complex.

I was working on "No Script" concept.
Which means, i think i know what i am doing, but actually my mind is blank.

I used up some old materials..

and bought a set of LED lights~
and XeRoZ used it to pretend to be Christmas Tree =)

Invited my close friends for A&W dinner =)

Including a Grizzly Bear called "Fei Jack"

Jack's the one sponsoring the Bear and the video camcorder.
*Thanks Jack*

While, Me & XeRoZ prepared the props and materials.

and started acting...

While my sis, Wern, did her sleeping.

After done shooting, we went to bully the A&W mascot!

and stole his ROOTBEER!!!


Well last Friday, I was notified again that my video was shortlisted as Top 5. My Essay was kicked out of the competition already T_T. Nonetheless, i feel very blessed and happy that both of my entries made it for top 10 of respective categories.

The winner is yet to be announced. Wish me luck! ^^

Hopefully i'm lucky enough to bag the RM5000 home. *finger crossed*

I will only release my video and essay when the competition is over =) So, stay tuned ya!

Note: The first prize winner in each category will win RM5,000.00 in cash; the second prize winner in each category will win RM3,000.00; and the third prize winner in each category will win RM1,500.00 in cash. All first, second and third prize winners will win a holiday package. All finalists will win a laptop.


Vince G said...

All the best! =D

jfook said...

Good luck!

TOLANIC said...

Is that ferry?

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Vin Tsen, TQ

@Jfook: Thanks!

@Tolanic, where got ferry?

Kelvin said...

Good luck^^
Win money can donate to me? XD

Henry Lee said...

nice nice... hope u will win! :D

RedButtockz Wern said...

i so kan lek help =x

TianChad田七 said...

Woohoo got new laptop =D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Thanks all for your best wishes... I will do my best to not disappoint you!

Jack Ng said...

good luck .....