Thursday, July 29

Gorgeous Fitness FREE Membership Contest

Being fit, slim and healthy is no longer an OPTIONAL stuff for me.


The bulge on my tummy is actually a warning cry - a SIGNAL.

No, it's NOT a signal that a baby is coming out after 9 months.

but a SIGNAL that tell me, there must be something wrong with my body.

and this is what happen if you just neglect the warnings given:-

Being labelled as "fat" is not something you'd enjoy.

I know I am not fat. but i know I am not slim either.

I look more radiant, more healthy.
eating too much of good food, isn't very healthy as well.

How do I maintain my size, but become fitter?


Many people like me out there knows this answer, but how many would take the initiative to do it?

Me, for one, is TOO LAZY to move my butt. Which eventually results in me getting the big tummy!

What i need is:-
1. A place for me to work out, without being in the sun.
2. Somewhere with friends (I don't want to be lonely)
3. A safe place (I don't want to be robbed when i jog in the park)
4. Somewhere near my working place, otherwise i'll zoom zoom home!
5. Somewhere NOT expensive.

Glad to share, I've found a SOLUTION to my problems!!!!

*ta daaaaa*

This will be my solution to my tummy problems!

It's NEW!

Here's a place For people to be comfortable in their own bodies &
be healthy & fit in order to enjoy life to the fullest!

The GRAND OPENING IS on the 5th of September!

Come join me in my quest to be fitter + healthier!

Best of all~ WIN YOURSELF A 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP in conjunction with their

(please visit SPOTTED F.Y.I for the contest details)

Let's be Fit,
Let's be Fabulous!
Let's go for FREE!

So remember to blog about it & spread the word around ^^

Special thanks to K & Gorgeous Fitness Facebook!


marccus said...

wa...lao..eee.....@.@....that loaf of meat...

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

si marccus dun so honest can bo!

Unknown said...

Hai MsXeroz mesti jumpa masa kat event nuff kan..tak per..nanti jumpa lagi kita tegur yer..tq sudi datang ke blog akak..

jfook said...

Nice post. So creative of you!

Kelvin said...

Actually u do sit ups before u sleep can already...woman's belly fats can be burn more easily than guys~

vin_ann said...

chabo, join me running LOL...


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@kak Ina KL, yeah masa event ^^

@jfook: LOL!

@Kelvin: IM LAZY

@vin ann: im pemalas!

chris federick said...

lol first comment dam funny haha. Yea lets keep fit in the gym. Healthy lifestylw ftw.

Blur Pei said...

i believe when u in gym more lazy! lol..u hav tummy not only bcoz u hav fats, but also literally inner organs went downwards..due to gravity and age. tat's y when we getting older we got tummy T.T

i wan go gym toooo