Tuesday, July 20

Bathing in the Dark...

Not too long ago (APRIL 2009), the lights in my toilet exploded..

and so we all (3 of us)

had to bathe in the dark.

We changed the fluorescent tubes, starter, and etc,
but it still couldnt be repaired.

and i didnt want to call the Landlady because i dont want to trouble her.

So we bear with this dark condition until JULY 2009. (LOL)

We used a candle everyday.

So that we can distinguish which is shampoo, conditioner and soap.

Now that the lights have been repaired, i begin to miss my dark bathing moments.

When i bathe in the dark, i feel so relaxed.
It's a totally different experience, but sometimes inconvenient.

I wish i have a bath tub, then i'll soak myself in the water with candle lit lights. =)


RedButtockz Wern said...


atreyu strange said...

Actually I prefer to bath with dim lights also. Heh..

Dori Lukey said...

haha romantic ah bath with a candle... can ask ur bf bath together too! :p

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

Rolling Funbling Thug said...

Lol I only sleep in the dark :D

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Atreyu strange, =)

@Lukey, My bf not living with me wakaka

@Rolling Fumbling Thug, thats what i thought initially too!

J said...

Ahh...i like to shower in the dark but i dun like the mirror in the bathroom....scary wei

TianChad田七 said...

So romantic one. bath in the dark wor =) You still can switch off the light when you want to bath ar

Jack Ng said...

wahh ... candle light bathing ?! LOL

Zh1nG said...

To be eco friendly, you may continue to use candle to bath..:P