Friday, July 30

TianChad Using SKII?

Found this old pic...

I begin suspecting...



using SKII?


Today i'm gonna bring you all sightseeing of my office cubicle.
(woo my LG Cookie KM555 so yao yeng)

my table =.=

Usually is messy one, but today, it's FILLED.

My floor~

and my biscuit tins..

Oh my point is...


Thursday, July 29

Gorgeous Fitness FREE Membership Contest

Being fit, slim and healthy is no longer an OPTIONAL stuff for me.


The bulge on my tummy is actually a warning cry - a SIGNAL.

No, it's NOT a signal that a baby is coming out after 9 months.

but a SIGNAL that tell me, there must be something wrong with my body.

and this is what happen if you just neglect the warnings given:-

Being labelled as "fat" is not something you'd enjoy.

I know I am not fat. but i know I am not slim either.

I look more radiant, more healthy.
eating too much of good food, isn't very healthy as well.

How do I maintain my size, but become fitter?


Many people like me out there knows this answer, but how many would take the initiative to do it?

Me, for one, is TOO LAZY to move my butt. Which eventually results in me getting the big tummy!

What i need is:-
1. A place for me to work out, without being in the sun.
2. Somewhere with friends (I don't want to be lonely)
3. A safe place (I don't want to be robbed when i jog in the park)
4. Somewhere near my working place, otherwise i'll zoom zoom home!
5. Somewhere NOT expensive.

Glad to share, I've found a SOLUTION to my problems!!!!

*ta daaaaa*

This will be my solution to my tummy problems!

It's NEW!

Here's a place For people to be comfortable in their own bodies &
be healthy & fit in order to enjoy life to the fullest!

The GRAND OPENING IS on the 5th of September!

Come join me in my quest to be fitter + healthier!

Best of all~ WIN YOURSELF A 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP in conjunction with their

(please visit SPOTTED F.Y.I for the contest details)

Let's be Fit,
Let's be Fabulous!
Let's go for FREE!

So remember to blog about it & spread the word around ^^

Special thanks to K & Gorgeous Fitness Facebook!

Oh, So This is Taek Jho Low (the mysterious Paris Hilton bff)....

I was very excited when i read The Star today.

Who the F is he?

He's the one who is said to be with Paris Hilton before she was detained for possession of marijuana (READ HERE)

Before this, I was very curious~

And i expect to see a PRINCE IN SHINING ARMOUR, riding a white horse..


Aiyak~ disappointed =P

Well, seems like he's no ordinary Jho!

I'm 20 ++ & he's 20 ++..Why he so rich??? Why I'm so poor???

If i am as rich as him, i would be partying my way as well!

Why leh?

If you poor, you have to work to get money..

If you are rich, your money will get more money for you.

So, you don't have to work.

Since there's no need to work, we can play all day long.

Mix with the right rich people, and bathe in expensive champagnes.

(images from internet)

Even spiderman will bow to you!

(images from internet)

And your friends will all love you!

(images from internet)

Come to think of it, i don't have a millionaire friend.

*waiting TianChad to be one soon*
(but that's gonna be like, 30years!)

So i have decided that i wanna be a Millionaire!

I'll beat Jho's party:
If he has spiderman or superman,

I'll have monsters!


I better go hunt for HOT GUYS (without marijuana) to be my BFF first!

*Note: It's a boring day, forgive me for daydreaming*

Tuesday, July 27

A Picturesque Post~ Floria 2010

Today's blogpost is not about me winning anything anymore. :P
Today, i was notified that i didn't win My Water Moments Contest, although I think i did a great job for it. *perasan*

So, today is about...


I was in Flower Wonderland two weeks ago~!

I went on a cloudy evening, so my photographs are a little gloomy and pale.

There were petunias, marigold, orchids, bougainvilleas and many many more!

It was a very beautiful sight..
but it was over crowded.

Unfortunately there's no flower fragrance...

Bau ketiak, bau peluh, bau tahi adalah!
*Note: bau tahi from the soil with fertilizers i think*

I admire the organizers for their arrangements.

If i marry a millionaire, i would turn my garden like this.

Why must marry a millionaire?
Because i need to hire a group of gardeners for maintenance
+ alot of water sprinklers...


Here I am..
as beautiful as the flowers

XeRoZ took many photographs using his portrait lens...

Beautiful, ain't it?

Life is beautiful, treasure it.

OK~ It's Done Now!

Messy be gone!

If you are one of the person who is messy... REPENT!

Cockroaches & germs love messy people
They lay eggs on ur messiness
Spread bacteria and viruses
You'll be ill
if not, you'll have a strange smell...
in otherwords, bau busuk lah!
And nobody would love to be around you~

Follow me!
I wash my clothes twice a week!
Change my sheets twice a month!
Clean my wardrobe twice a year!
Iron my clothes every 2 years. LOL! (sorry ya, lazy iron clothes)

Fold it neat, shoo the messiness away.

*This is a community message from MsXeRoZ dot com who is very messy herself*

Oh Ou!!!

Oh Ou~!!!

I think...


Feel free to drop ur comments to scold me for being so messy.
No need give face XD

(dont so harsh lah, no vulgars pls.. TQ)

Monday, July 26

OMG~ I won! (LG Cookie Monster Party!)

Last Thursday, I went home with an Acer Aspire One Netbook (which i named as Xiao Pink) + 3D/2N Holiday @ Berjaya Tioman + some cash.

I feel that I'm the happiest girl in Malaysia.

Last Friday, i was seeing the news. Then NTV7 featured the news on A&W What's Your Story Contest for 30seconds. I called up all my "sanak saudara, kawan & rakan" to see me on National TV. My face wasn't shown but nevermind.

I'm still happy despite the embarrassment.

Last Saturday, i saw myself appear in NST. I was even more happy!
Last Saturday also, I went to LG COOKIE Monster Party and went home with LG COOKIE 3G + 2 Rain CD/DVD collection + 1 bottle of Insect repellent.

Waaa Piang eh.. HAPPY LIKE KENA TOTO everyday weh!!!

So here's what the LG Cookie Monster event is all about.

I went to the event with TianChad, Feeq, Jonykt, & Wern.

They were LG guests, while i'm the special one from Nuffnang (because i did a blogpost!)
and we were all given a goodie bag each!

We bumped into Orang Super Saiya~ (The Great Saiya Man from DragonBall)
he was supposed to be Bezita (Bezict) that is controlled by Babidy (Master of Majin-Boo)
*yeah, i used to read Dragon Ball*
So here's dragonball the Simon Seow way:

I was plain stupid for not becoming a monster that night!

Ms Hantu Merah (WiLee) + Bloody Mummy(Coco) murdered me because i'm a human!

I was then dumped into a the animal den.
But the cute bear slayer and crocodile hunter didn't harm me.

I managed to find my human friends.
Unfortunately Cayenne turned into a cute Lady Gaga wannabe monster.
Chin Ann was not yet infected-He is still a human!

Misfortune strikes again as i cross paths with Baboon Tan. His wide baboonified mouth wanted to bite off my head.
TianChad's life was spared because his head is TOO BIG for Baboon's mouth!

After Baboon, Vince92 came attacking me. FOOD FOOD!!!

See, this is what happen if you don't dress up as monsters!

Then, i managed to meet Miss V.
I think Miss V is a headless monster because she had to use a BIG SCREW to screw her head on her neck.
Which is quite scary!

I ranaway from Miss V and hid myself from the monsters.
But i didn't know the hairy thingy that i hid with was a monster itself!

It's Rich Teo's overgrown monster facial hair!

Is this the side effects of going to Yun Nam Hair Care too often?

I thought i was rescued by a doctor..
I was wrong!

The Doctor is MAD!
ShiiTeck has a screw on his head.
Maybe his otak tak center! *runs away*

There's no where in this world, as safe as my mummy!
Yeah~ Red Mummy in da house!

Then Shrek (Kenny Sia) came out and i am finally safe from the hungry monsters!

The party was officiated by a speech from a Vampire (imagine that!)
This is Edward Cullens twin brother, Nicholas.
*unidentical twins*
but Nicholas is not a vegetarian vampire!

Shrek Kenny managed to divert the monsters' attention away from me by having some mini games.

Then there's a cookie eating game.
Whoever can eat finish the cookies will win the game!

Everyone was busy watching the mini game session, that nobody noticed food is being served.

We makan dengan slurrrrp nya, while the contestants were eating their cookies.

*i told u I'm a human with monster heart*

When everyone was eating, i went to look for the Nuffnang Swans.

I kinda look super ugly that night!

My adik kandung (blood sister), Redbuttockz Wern, found her long lost brothers.

Baboon Tan, The Red Buttockz Wern, Monyet Feeq, & CleverMunkey...
all from monyet family!

If Charlie has 3 Angels, he should repent and go kill himself!
because Timothy has 12 angels!

To watch the Timothy's Angels dance please click here:

Next was the cookie auction game:
We were told to collect as many cookies as possible.
and so we did a teamwork!

Thanks to the gang for their hunting + dancing skills to get the cookies.

We have to use the cookies that we collected for some cookie auction, and walk away with mystery prizes.

Due to our team effort & strategy, my group members went up 3 times. I kinda feel bad for monopolying the game. (Sorry Monsters!).

There were 5 monster cookies to be eaten (5 mystery prizes). Chloe ate spicy chilli cookie, I ate vege salad cookie, Cayenne ate Blueberry Jam Sugar cookie, Jonykt ate the mustard cream cookie, while Jamie ate some weird purple coloured cookie.

The mystery prizes includes: a pack of milk, an insect repellent, RM100 topshop voucher, RM100 TGIF voucher and Gold Class GSC vouchers.

Next was the Malaysia's Got Monsters Show!
5 males monsters were to battle with the 5 female monsters.

The Predator kills the other male monsters and emerge as winner!

was the female winner!

Then it was time for the LG Pre-Blog Post winners to be announced.
Three names were announced:

and the next thing i knew..

I'm the winner.


I took opportunity to molest Kenny Sia *evil rite*

Godssss..look at my expression. =.=

It's all written in fate...
I am surrounded by monsters..

Confirm die liao...

Group photo~

(look! It's kenny sia's full costume)

Then Simon says" I told you liao lah, you were shortlisted!" when he saw me he told me i was shortlisted as top 5. I thought he was talking about A&W.

So, at the end of the day, Yeah.. Simon Says it all!

*maybe he had a premonition*
Didn't know bezita has this kinda power...

I survived the monster party despite being dressed as human!

I promise next time i'll follow the dresscode ^^

Oh ya~ I had a delicious lunch today.

I ate my cookie!

What's the fate of my keypad phones?


Note: All monsters bloggers are kind & lovely. They didn't intend to eat me. Thank you.