Friday, June 11

Why I Hate Celcom...

Throughout my blogging years, i rarely (ok, sometimes) express my ANGERs. My vision for this blog is to capture & document things and events which are delightful. So that in 10 years down the road, i will re-read back everything that i wrote, reliving the beautiful moments of my life.

Life is short, anyway! I rather spend the days happily than feeling angry! But if I dont express this out, i will die with anger in my sleep.

For those who is using CELCOM, and is enjoying it's services~ Congratulations! Unfortunately, I'm not 1 of u, so forgive me for the things i'm about to write:-

Incident 1 (continuously from 2009. Please refer to my previous posting HERE)

From March 2009, I've been using my company CELCOM line. Every month also kena bar. Called them more than 10 times, all of the customer service told me to fax authorisation letter and ask for increase credit limit to RM200. After faxing, called them again and WAS INFORMED that my credit limit should be no problem. But I was barred again after RM100 usage.

I gave up, instead, every time i received the sms to informed me that my usage is 90%, i top up RM100 into my account. This has been on-going for 3 months. Until one day, i called up again and ask, what is the reason my call limit cannot be extended. They informed me that I have to "PUT DEPOSIT". Since i was busy, i put this matter aside.

Last week, i called up CELCOM again. I informed them, what are the documents needed to PUT DEPOSIT, I was told that my main line the deposit is RM30. Ok, i said i will put RM30 deposit. They put me on hold for 5mins approx (I dont mind coz i put loudspeaker, and continue my work) and told me that i cannot letak deposit, because mine is the SUPP-LINE. (OH yeah, now only they realised mine is supp-line).

I asked them again, what documents i need to fax over to release my supp-line and be an independent line. They told me, i have to bring an authorisation letter to celcom center. Ok, where's the celcom center? Nearest is PJ (Menara PKNS). I was like.. WTF?! Puchong one CELCOM CENTER ALSO DON'T HAVE?!!! Ok, since i already fed up. I didn't feel much annoyed at their request.

Incident II (Today)

My parents informed me that they will be going to Thailand for weekend vacation. Dad sms'ed me when they depart and informed me that he will call when he arrived. I waited for morning and he didnt call. Sms'ed him on evening, no reply from him. Feeling curious, i suspected something must be amiss, because dad is always someone who will inform and call us from time to time whenever he's outstation or overseas. I called CELCOM just now, and ask the CC to check whether the account is being barred (You know, previous experience). To my astonishment, the CC informed me that the account has no auto roaming! Dad has been to China, Dubai, etc before and I never had this problem.

So i requested for them to activate his auto roaming because i know how worried my dad will be without his telephone connection. I never expected CELCOM to tell me that I CANNOT activate his autoroaming, because I am NOT owner of the telephone line.

ME: Activate autoroaming kena bayar duit ke?
CC: tak payah, tapi ini memang SOP.Ada 2 cara yang saya boleh bantu. 1, sila fax authorisation letter. 2. suruh SUAMI u call balik.
ME: *offended* Itu bapak saya lah, bukan suami. Okla, i email authorisation letter kasi u.
CC: Sorry cik, kami memang tak menggunakan email. Cik mesti faxkan.
ME: *annoyed* Encik, saya takde fax machine lah. How to settle this problem?
CC: Jadi u suruh bapak you call CELCOM.
ME: Kalau i can contack bapak saya, tak payahlah saya suruh kau activate autoroaming dia. Pelik lah your procedure..
CC: Ini memang procedure kami.
ME: Procedure pelik pun kena ikut ke?
CC: ya. Biasanya sebelum keluar negara kena check autoroaming dahulu.
Me: Encik, my bapak dah pernah pergi luar negara beberapa kali. Dulu dah activate dah.
CC: Saya tak tahulah, Cik.
Me: *feeling sad for him* Okla, ada apa cara yang bapak saya boleh call kamu?
CC: erm tunggu ya (put me on hold for 1min). Suruh dia dial *123#
ME: ok bye
CC: Sorry cik.

Suddenly this has became a sad story. Poor CC guy. I know he wanted to help me, but because of the SOP, he couldn't. Isn't this scenario similar to the Fiery Fatal Car Accident in Cheras (the BHP worker) case? Because of the SOP that the organization has set, they had to follow it 100%.

I'm just worried about my dad, that is why i made the call to CELCOM. What if there's an emergency? What if there's something unfortunate happen to us or to them?

CELCOM claim that their vision & mission is to make their customers delightful with their services. But for my case, they made me STRESSFUL.

Seriously, i urge companies and organization that emphasize 100% on SOP to revamp their ways of operating. Teach and guide your employees to DO THE RIGHT THING, instead of letting them CAGED WITHIN YOUR RIDICULOUS S.O.P.

Get to know your customers and life isn't easy if every single changes your customer request need to be done with the authorization letter. It's also annoying that every time you call the Customer Care you need to tell your Name, IC, this line is registered under? It makes no difference because i tested your system by giving fake names, and fake ic number. (Yes, because i wanted to test their security level).

I rest my case for tonight...I won't let celcom ruin my weekend. Sorry Dad, i know you are pissed off too (I'm ur daughter for more than 2 decades already). Goodnite all!


papabear said...

oh boy, I am sticking to MAXIS. At least I have not experienced those problems that you are having with Celcom...

RedButtockz Wern said...

oh dear, i'll lend you my stressball to release your volcanic stress...
*shake head*

TianChad田七 said...

Stupid SOP for Celcom =S
That's why they dun have Twitter and EMAIL!! Lol what a sad company ;p

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@papabear, thanks for your comment. The point is, we wish to be assisted by the customer service, rather than going through all the documentation and paperwork, just to get a simple thing done.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Redbuttockz Wern, tomorrow your father will complain kao kao why i didnt settle for him.. AIH!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Redbuttockz Wern, tomorrow your father will complain kao kao why i didnt settle for him.. AIH!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Referring to the company mission & vision,

How can they become the leading telecommunication company if they don't have twitter, & email?

RK said...

=______=||||| .. hopefully ur dad has a nice and safe trip ! if anything happen ! "CELCOME ! JAGA LU !"

AsmaFarah said...

did you send the authorization letter to release as supp-line and be indi-line.

if yes, i wish to get a copy. my case same with you.

my email: