Tuesday, June 15

Too Many Photographers, Spoil The ????

There were once a saying "Too Many Cooks, Spoil The Soup/Broth (whichever applicable)"

What happens if there's TOO MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS on a table?

Here's what happens (illustrated below)

Food came, snap snap! Food turned cold... =.=

Oh here's another one!
(Look at the girl photographer behind)

Oh WHAT! Another one!

Okays..One more!

Phew! Finally everyone succumbed to their hungry stomachs, and the snapping stopped.

I was at U-Maiya Japanese Restaurant @ IOI Boulevard for Hui San's Birthday Celebration... It happened that all of us were LUMIX LOVERs...

Happy Birthday once again!

The Girls...

And One Guy! *One more guy missing in action*

Congratulations HuiSan! You are one year older now! Don't worry, I'm still older than you!

Wish you get marry soon!

BTW, Thanks for the Kancil-ProtonSaga joke!
It really make us laugh our hearts out!

Too many photographers on a table is a good thing or a bad thing?
Have you encountered any situation like this before?


FiSh said...

nice, catchy title ther!

Kelvin said...

Its bad, coz everyone rush to take pictures of the food when it came, and there will always be some hands or unknown flash in the pic~