Saturday, June 5

A Surprise Package For me!

I was surprise today that i received a huge package.
I thought that some 'secret admirer' sent me some presents, although it's not my birthday XD.

I couldn't see the sender's name, so i opened the package.. Then i realised that my prize for "When In Rome" contest had arrived!!! *happy*

I was named as one of the GRAND PRIZE Winner but i received no news from them. I even called up GSC to check on the status! *paranoid me*

I usually don't emphasize on things i win/received. =)
But this is the first time i received a gift from GSC & Buena Vista~
*also my first time participating in GSC online competition*

When In Rome goodies~

Also my first BVLGARI perfume!
(how do we pronounce it?)

The neck rest that can fit my head, i will appear as Tomatogirl if there's a costume party in future!

Thanks GSC! Thanks Buena Vista!


Glo-w~* said...

Congats^^ think it's pronounced bull-ger-ee

Xiaopei said...

Wow. Congratulation ^^

Ken Wooi said...

so cool! envy you! =P

erwinator said...

wow ur so lucky :)

Kelvin said...


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Glo-w, thanks. ok now i know how its called.

@xiaopei, TQ

@Kenwooi, I envy u even more. got african reader following your blog.

@erwinator, Yupz! haha!

@kelvin, THANKS! ^^

jfook said...

Wow, you're lucky. Got perfume somemore. yeah it's bull-ger-e. Like what Glow pronounced.

Paradise said...

Wow.. you are really very lucky. so envy!!! I wished Singapore would have such contest too =)

TianChad田七 said...

congratz =D
I am sure it is not just lucky =)

Blur Pei said...

Congraz nic~
wahaha,u dare to open the package if no could be something explosive???? *touch wood* i watch too much moviesss