Wednesday, June 16

I Make. Believe Sharing Is Caring...

Music is somehow entwine with our life. Every time i hop in the car, i will straight turn on the radio for some music...Whenever i'm in my office, i cannot tolerate the "click clack" sounds of mouse & keyboard, music is a must!

When i came back from lunch at 2pm today, Sony Music Malaysia posted up something that catches my attention. Sony Music Malaysia is giving away 2 free CDs (of your choice) by blogging about their Facebook Fan Page!

The good thing about Facebook Fan Page is that you can be a member of any pages with just a click of a mouse! It's extremely convenient, and that makes Facebook even more indispensable!

I first joined ("liked") this fan page because of my favourite music Stars. It happened that most of my beloved artists live under the roof of Sony Music. So, it's pretty convenient for me to check out who's coming to Malaysia, when's the release of their new albums, and chat with other fans on the page! Everything has become more fun and interactive!

Since it's the WAKA WAKA World Cup season, Sony Music provides the latest music trend in their fan page. We can all WAKA WAKA together =)

Of course, a Fan Page is a place for interaction. If you need more detailed stuff, there's always their official website.

My first activity with Sony Music Fan Page was

I saw my friends posted some of their ideas, and it triggered me to participate too!
Here's my entry!

If any guy wrote such poem for me i will confirm immediately fall in love!
Thankfully, XeRoZ is not a romantic person. Otherwise i will fall in love with him every day..HAHA..

And this is how i Alicia Keys became a part of my CD collection!

If you are a music lover like me, why don't you be a part of the fan club?
Click here and Let the Music Heal Your Soul!


JLean said...

Wao, that's so cool. U actually do that by yourself

jfook said...

Wow, cool lah!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Lean, Yeah! did it just now =)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@jfook, TQ!