Wednesday, June 2

The Scary Puchong Town Park, is it?

Another hectic week for me. Sorry for the delay in keeping my blog updated daily (which is my 2010 mission =P)

I was so busy that i had to resist the temptation of blogging live from the Town Park. After my Phuket trip, i was attached to the Pharmatech 2010 exhibition (which i haven't blog about also). Then, i had to conduct a training for Plant Canopy Imager, CID Bioscience/USA. Supposingly CID products was handled by Marccus, but i don't know what happened that i managed to sell one, after he left. =)

Being so busy with this and that, then i had to do some on field work before giving the training to customer. All along i knew that there's a garden park in the heart of Bandar Puteri, and i went there at 11am to do some plant canopy imaging.

Canopy imaging is actually done to measure the health of the ecology. From the imaging, we are able to do a non-destructive methods of knowing the plant Leaf Area Index (LAI) and also Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). These two parameters are important in knowing how will the forest grow into, and whether the forest is a healthy one or not.
Working in Bandar Puteri for 2 years already, I have been passing by this Town Park almost everyday. Me and my colleagues always discussed about how eerie it looks like from outside, everytime someone suggested to go for some group activity there. It's really spooky looking, because we rarely see anyone near the park.

I went in alone despite the spookiness and the eeriness. As i walked pass the muddy pathway, i felt amazed and impressed by the greenery of this small park. From the entrance, this park is clean. There's not a speck of rubbish, in forms of plastic bags, papers, etc. NONE. Perhaps there's not even a single soul here to throw rubbish (which is a good thing, i guess).

I didn't see any rubbish bin nearby. Perhaps the gardener came everyday to collect the rubbish?
It rained the day before, so the ground is muddy and slimy, but i can still tolerate that. This is the fun of being in the nature, to get dirty happily!

O-ya, the only setback was there's no crystal clear water. I don't know whether this is the river or the drain. Looks like a river with the contents of a drain...

After the sight seeing, i continued doing what i supposed to do.. Checking my device whether it work on field or not.

This is the hemispherical /fish eye camera. Really cool because it's able to view the whole area for measurement!

The Plant Canopy Imager comes with a compact handheld computer, called the Viliv X70. Kinda cute and funky computer but it's REALLY heavy, after holding it for 10mins. It comes with a wrist band for the computer though, so you can mount the computer on your arms.

I would love to explore this place. Maybe for some Nature Photography Project! I love watching insects doing their job, and some playing in the mud. It's so relaxing to see insects and small creatures basking under the shady trees and playing. It's nice to NOT work, even for few minutes.

My photos weren't great. I was actually rushing to get out of this park for fear of my own security.
I don't mind getting dirty, hot and wet. But I was carrying an instrument with computer, handphone, cash, camera worth altogether RM30,000.00. I don't want to be ambushed, robbed/raped/murdered with my corpse thrown into the river-drain.

I'm sorry for having such evil thoughts. But hey, let's face reality. Even our homes are not 100% safe! Crimes happens everywhere. So, don't take the risk i took. Be in a group and do not wonder around alone even at day times.

I may want to go again. Seems like a fun place to explore. Any takers?

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marccus said...

take good care of that lens ar..... XD hahah

Kelvin said...

U think too much XD

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, yes i do! hahaha

RK said...

wanan go again ah !?? haha..

lets go for a picnic maybe .. haha..

Dori Lukey said...

maybe the "residents" at the park helps to collect those rubbishes

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Rachel koko, Bandar Puteri have so many food to eat, u wan picnic there?!!!

@Lukey~ GOSH scary man! clean "residents"

Vicky 刘宁 said...

if got bad guy, call me and I'll be on the rescue!! Muuuuu~,~