Wednesday, June 30

My Water Moments, Based on True Story (with a Tinge of Imagination)

Ever since i returned from my Phuket trip, i made a vow to get myself a water-proof camera.

*Poof! DSLR disappeared from my 2011 Wish List!*

Well, DSLR and waterproof digital camera may not be of the same league, but what's the point of bringing a DSLR to holidays if you keep worrying : Is my camera safe? Can i hide my DSLR under your towel? or sacrificing your chance to scuba or snorkel because some one had to take care of the electronic gadgets.

I begin to think that Nuffnang is indeed sent by God, because it gave me an opportunity to fight for something i really want, and something i really need! So here's my entry for:
My Water Moments with Sony TX5 (click here to find out more)

During my Phuket trip, my friends and I did a lot of photography shots on the beach & sunset...

But all of us had to stay away from the roaring waves, ended up the shots took very, very long.
I was all wrinkled for being in the salt water for too long. My skin were burnt and lips were pain too!

When we returned, we realised that, our photographs are plain,
as most photos were shot in a single dimension.

My parents on the other hand, went to Redang during the same week I'm in Phuket.
But their photos were way attractive and more unique than what i had!

because their Tour Guide has a WATERPROOF camera!

And both my parents are boasting about how beautiful being in the water, watching the kaleidoscopic corals and fishes roam around you.

Something which i had missed out because there was a storm in Phuket. *sobs*

But i believe...

I believe deep in the waters there's another world. A world that the spectrum of colours are different than ours.

That is why, a good and reliable camera come in handy. It should be small, not bulky, light, and produce quality images. Here comes Sony TX5 into the picture!

Should i ever go on another beach side holidays, i do not need to hide it under my towels, nor be afraid if it's lost. All i need is to tug it firmly on my wrists, and bring it wherever i go!

As long as I'm not too deep under, it should be fine! Moreover, being so handy, i can snap whatever thing that comes to my sight! This is what we label as photography~!

click here to visit Sony TX5 official website:

Easy and handy, giving photographs of uncompromised quality!
That's the Sony TX5 for me!

Who knows, i may discover a whole new EMPIRE underwater!

Or shake hands with Mr. Spongebob Squarepants!
I bet he would be happy to meet me!

Who knows, i may discover the Land of The Mermaids~

Miss Mermaid, why do you look so similar with me?
*pretend innocent*

If you have some memorable water moments to share, why not participate along! You may win home a Sony TX5! There are 3 units of Sony TX5 up for grabs. Click here for participation information.

Wish me good luck! *MUACKZ*

Tuesday, June 29

Happy but, Tired...

Hello everyone,

I hadn't post anything up for the past 5 days... My head is practically blank because i don't know what should i blog about.

I was busy with WorldCup 2010. I'm not an avid football fan, but i love football when it comes to World Cup. Sometimes even more aggressive than my XeRoZ! I would drive to mamak at Old Klang Road and sit there till the match is over. I couldn't catch the morning match because it's quite dangerous. Anyways, in another 4 years time, i'm sure i'll have Astro by then =)

I have to finish up my work tomorrow, and head to Penang this Thursday!

For those who are unhappy out there, cheer up!

Love ya all~!!!

Thursday, June 24

The Panties & Bra Theif!






I didn't lose mine because i never wear , erm, because i never wash my undies i was lucky.

There's this pathetic undergarments thief who stole a full set of undergarment belonging to my dear friend! OMG! this is so SICK!

I can't imagine what kind of diseased society it is nowadays that even undergarments also people would wanna steal!

I can accept if you steal shoes -->because shoes can be washed and wore (if the theif is so desperate).

But who would steal used undergarments and wear it? Would you???

This particular theif must be damn skillful, i tell you, because the undergarments were hidden right at the corner of my house. He had to jump across walls, hop along my porch without being seen, steal the undergarments and escape. =.="

I can't imagine why is there such a pervert person, who is so free enough to perform all these stunts just to get USED underwear!

Undergarments are sacred stuff for us women!
I repeat, SACRED!

You pervert just can't go stealing people's sacred stuff. Can you imagine what would happen if all women lost these sacred stuff?

Most of you would smile thinking of pokies, nipple slip and see-through..
imagine the world filled with women with saggy boobs!
Bra is for support, protection and enhancement. Don't take it from us!

I wonder whether perverts are usually male?

or female?

Have you encountered any perverts (male or female)?

What do you do to avoid your undergarments being stolen?

Would you buy second-hand undergarments??

I would love to hear your experiences and see what we women could do to protect ourselves from being victim to the perverts!

Goodnite all!

Wednesday, June 23

My 20Mins Facial Experience at ORIGINS

My first encounter with ORIGINS was actually due to the LOVE WORLD, LOVE SLOGGI Competition~

And It happened that i was one of the Consolation Prize Winner, and i was entitled for:-

1. RM135 worth of Sloggi products
2. RM50 Sloggi voucher.
3. RM250 worth of ORIGINS products, with 20mins facial + skin consultation.

(Read my competition entry here!)

I have never entered ORIGINS before this

But i'm glad i did, I went the shop in Gardens and was served with a smile by Shirley, the sales consultant. Shirley did the 20mins facial for me.

First, she removed all the make up residues using Well Off®
Fast and gentle eye makeup remover.

Next, she washed my face using the A Perfect World™ Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea. I am very impressed with the cleanser because the aroma was very refreshing- smells of greenery and a tinge of lemon. It is an unforgettable scent.

Then Shirley gave my face a good scrubbing, using the Modern Friction™
Nature's gentle dermabrasion. I like this scrub as well because the microbeads are very soft, smells natural and does not cause any skin "pulling effect" that I usually encounter every time i did a scrub.
I was then applied with No Puffery™ Cooling mask for puffy eyes, and then being adorned with Clear Improvement® Active charcoal mask to clear pores.

I was applied with Out of Trouble® 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin. i still have some mild pimple problems.

Then i looked like a joker for 10mins!

Here are all the products that were generously used on me last night~

After 10mins, with a pat of toner + moisturiser + serum + eye cream, a Cinderella emerged...


a more radiant, fair and lovely me..

I would fall in love with myself just by staring at this photo. *perasan*

Best of all, i get to choose RM250 worth of Origins Products- I chose the moisturizer, and the travel pack! =)

So, have any one of you used ORIGINS products?

What do you think of it? Mind share your experience and thoughts with me?

I would love to hear it all!

If you haven't heard of ORIGINS, you can visit their Malaysia Website here:

Monday, June 21

Movie: Sex & The City 2

I couldn't contain my excitement after the Special Screening of Sex & The City 2 by The Body Shop Malaysia (Refer here).

So, here it is- the Sex & The City 2 (NOW SHOWING on cinema June, 17th). I stepped into the cinema, without a single idea what's this movie all about. I have never seen the 1st movie, nor watch the drama.

The story revolves around Carrie Bradshaw and her 3 friends - Charlotte, Miranda, & Samantha.
They were all drowned in their busy daily lives, with their work, children, husband and hormone pills.

(Note: Yes the 4 women, that doorman not included)

Until one day, Samantha got hold of an ALL-EXPENSE PAID TRIP to Abu Dhabi.
(WOW! Nobody in this world could resist that!)

Their holiday in Abu Dhabi is an adventurous one, as all of them were unfamiliar with the cultures and also the ways of the Arabians (except Miranda).

Here, every one of them has to faced their dilemma:
1. Miranda misses her working life
2. Samantha worries about aging,
3. Carrie having doubts about marriage
4. Charlotte suspecting her husband having affair with her nanny.

I mean, I would doubt my husband if my nanny is as hot as this!




(Alice Eve as Erin, the BRALESS nanny)

Guys would stare at her all day and all night!

Even i would =P

What i think about this movie?
Entertaining and Enlightening (about relationships & life)

What i dislike about this movie?
  1. The fashion is quite ridiculous! Who would wear high heels and see-through clothings on a hot desert?
  2. Insensitivities towards the Arabian culture. I haven't been to Abu Dhabi before, but i don't think wearing revealing clothes is acceptable there.

Anyway, its a nice movie, very funny (only if you get it)..

Special Screening of Sex & The City 2 by The Body Shop Malaysia

This is the first time ever i attended a movie screening hosted by Body Shop, Malaysia. It was held on Friday last week, at Pavilion KL. Initially i invited TianChad but somehow he developed some phobia going to Pavilion (or maybe he's allergic to me) since he was there for the past few days. So i went with Wern, my sis.

I thought it was just a simple special screening for their Facebook fans and members. I was amazed and surprised that Body Shop organized an impressive event, complete with little goodie bag that lightens up every guests' night!

Cute isn't it?

I thought of registering and leave for dinner, but then was told that there were cocktails served.
*Oooo I just love surprises*

Body Shop knows how to pamper us!

We were welcomed by the Delipscious posters, into a cosy area where finger foods were served.

It's really nice because i somehow love all the finger foods.

We ate and ate because the waiters are so generous~ making sure we enjoy ourselves to the max!

Curiously, i opened my goodie bag and..

OH MY GOD! Don't tell me its the delipscious lipstick!

*IT IS!!! IT IS!!!*

with free popcorn and drinks too!

Oh, i almost forgotten the movie tickets!

The generous waiters...

Cute pastries as dessert... It's too sweet for my liking XD

This is also my 1st trip to Pavilion, KL~
I try to escape from going to KL after work because the traffic is too scary for a noob driver like me T_T

As we were lingering at the cinema, we hear roars of applause. Somebody somewhere must be playing the FIFA World Cup!

Beautiful ambience, Nice environment...

and a GREAT movie!

I owe a million thanks to Body Shop Malaysia for this unforgettable experience!

I cant believe how much i love Sex & The City 2, so stay tuned for my blogpost on it =)

Also, stay tune for my review on the Delipscious Lipstick! I tried on it last Sunday, and somehow was addicted to it =)

Friday, June 18

Megan Fox vs. Rosie Huntington Whitely

Megan Fox was all busy with her corsets in the movie Jonah Hex! And i was unbelievably amazed that her waist has hit 18-inch from her original 22-inch (WHICH IS ALREADY TINY!)

Well you can imagine it! My waist is 18-inch when im 12 years old. And I'm 22-inch when I'm 13 years old! 18-inch waist at 24yrs old isn't NORMAL! But there's nothing normal about Hollywood anyway!

Megan Fox was kick out of Transformers 3 and will be replaced by
*saying in one breath*

Oh i'm sure everyone will go,
ROSIE who? again?
So here's a photo of her for you...

Eh Sorry! Wrong Rosie!

Here's the correct Rosie Huntington Whitely..

It seems that Rosie Huntington Whitely will be replacing Megan Fox'y as Shia LaBeouf's love interest in Transformer 3.
Rosie is not an actress, but a Victoria Secret's model...

Nonetheless, i believe Transformer 3 will be a BLAST!
with Rosie in it!

Woooo Hoooo~ Yeeeeee Haaaaaaa

I like the idea of replacing Megan Fox with someone who looks younger to match with boyfaced Shia. (Forgive me Megan, you and Lindsay Lohan age too fast!)
But don't you think this Rosie is too TALL for Shia?

I don't think Rosie is an actress (never heard or seen her before), so i guess her role is more on "love-love" scenes with Sam Witwicky? I can't predict how Transformer 3 will turn out!

As for me, if i'm the director/producer/etc, i'd just change the main actor and actress altogether.

I'll turn Transformers 3 into a comedy instead XD

Thursday, June 17

Phuket: The Streets & Hard Rock Cafe

After my Samurai Pork Burger dinner @ McDonald's Patong, we went for a walk in the streets. We had an "eye-full" of Lady Boys walking around Bangla Road, but what interest us most is the lifelyhood of people in Patong.

A man with his tools- Making souvenirs for sale for 100baht.
It's called Copper-Tooling!
(never heard of it yah)

Greetings from Madame Butterfly with boobs so big she couldn't fly..

Hit the nail and Lady Boy will entertain you...
Sorry no thanks, i somehow developed some allergies to Lady Boys..

You can also have your fantasy fulfilled in Phuket FantaSea~
I've seen numerous blogs mentioning about this FantaSea, but it has never been my interest to go for this kind of Tiger Show, PingPong Show, CatFish Show...

(Only God knows why it is named like this)

The only show i like, TELEVISION SHOW!

Something peculiar happened is that, the guys in my group, aren't interested in Lady Boys too!
They find this frog more sexier and provocative~

Followed this frog around until it hopped under somebody's skirt that the guys had to leave the frog alone!
This frog must be enjoying his moments under the lady's skirt.

We were impressed with Thailand's electricity cables.

We continued our walking trip and saw this..
I have been to the several massage parlors, but never encountered anyone offering me sex services.

Then we decided to head to the Hard Rock Cafe!

We walked about 3km until we reached here. Until today, i don't know who's smart idea to walk here. I arrived at Hard Rock Cafe with sweaty and smelly feet.. *eewww*

Of course, we then pamper ourselves with some drinks.
I had a mojito for myself!

I haven't finished my glass of mojito and ...
(Just drank not even 1/4 of the glass. Look at the pic)

I don't remember whether i finished it, or somebody helped me finish it.

The doorman was so kind to offer us to get a group photo. He even suggested various poses!
What a cool doorman!

the HARD way!

Okies, the remaining night remains a mystery due to my subconsciousness.

End my post for today here!
Stay tuned for Island Hopping & Snorkelling @ Khai Island!