Wednesday, May 26

“Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones”

Note: This post is created because I'm envious over TianChad & Wern for having invites to DiGi Angels Party.

Disclaimer: Cerita ini hanyalah rekaan semata-mata. Jika terdapat gambar bf atau gf yang anda kenali, hanyalah kebetulan sahaja. does not condone domestic violence over smartphone. =)

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Hope you enjoy my post!


TianChad田七 said...

This is the love btw Xeroz and MsXeroz with a smartphone =)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said... love story is so...violent!!! hahahaa..

Kelvin said...

Hahaha, its a happily ever after in the end :D

Ken Wooi said...

haha.. nice..
i dont have smartphone at all.. i more sad.. =P

Voon said...

cute! :)

nebular said...

smart phone fever n become dumb phone because u dont have one, hahaha StayTune

Vicky 刘宁 said...

LOL! this post is interesting !! Nah, u're not violent la... aren't you ^^... or are you? o.O

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, Lol~ MsXeRoZ forever after (like Shrek 3)?

@Kenwooi..Dun worry, i will accompany u sad, i dun have smartphone either.

@Voon: Thanks~ hope u drop by again

@nebular: yupz.. it's the "IN" factor nowadays..even toilet cleaners have smartphone (in klcc)

@vicky: not violent ^^V