Thursday, May 20

Phuket: Maya Bay, hills by the sea

Today's place of visit is Maya Bay.
Maya bay is a famous beach, because of its golden white sands, and also crystal clear waters. We were brought to Maya Bay for some snorkelling, and of course, it is a very interesting trip.

I was very scared of the waters, because i can see the seabed from the cruise. Excited at the same time, i jumped in. WOAHHHhh...i swallowed mouthfuls of water because the sight is so beautiful!

TheRedButtockz Wern is always the one yelling "EEEE...AAAA" and so out of no where, a tour guide jumped in with a float and brought her to see fishes. We joined the float tour a few minutes later.

The guys were nowhere to be seen. I wonder where they have been to?

Oh dear! Now i know why!
Nearby, there's a boat filled with naked ladies!!!

As usual, our cameramen on duty grabbed their weapons and began the shooting!
(I wonder when will they post up the shots)

Hi..thats me~ The sea mermaid dugong!

I think XeRoZ need to invest in a telezoom lens.. Useful for peeping purposes~!

Fav pic of Maya Bay!

The seaview is really astounding. I didnt see any fishes though, but the waters are so clear that the corals and seabed were glistening with the reflections of the sun. The waters are warm too. It'll be a perfect place for relax because of it's strategic location, there's no big waves!


Eusoff Orientation said...

wow... make me wanna go phuket too liao

SonnyKazu said...

nice photos! I have went there since I was 1 year old... :P

RedButtockz Wern said...

kelian you see the tour guide face.. have to bring 3 heavy dugongs around

Vince G said...

Fuyoh, nice!

Kelvin said...

No predators in there?

Samuel C said...

naked ladiess =D i wanntt LOL WTFFF hahaa =)

TianChad田七 said...

This is how the naked lady looks like la =) Stay tune for more!

Vicky 刘宁 said...

I wanna swim at there too! LOL, naked as in, really naked ladies? o.O

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Eusoff, ya, try to go phuket but wait till bangkok is all calmed down first

@Sonnykazu, make a second trip then

@RedButtockz, u bangga lor got VIP tour

@Vin Tsen: Yupz Nice!

@Kelvin: Erm.. haven't seen any sharks around. maybe the season is not here.

@Seraph~ Go for naked ladies. hahaha

@Tianchad your naked motherboard not sexy..

@Vicky, yes, some topless and some totally nude.