Thursday, May 20

Phuket: The Day & Night at Phi Phi Island


I can't wait to upload and share my moments at Phi Phi Island. Phi Phi Island is one of the main tourist island. It is also quite big, and there's a few resorts located at Phi Phi Island.

To go to Phi Phi Island, we can either choose go to by speedboat, or the cruise. For us, we took a ride to PhiPhi Island by cruise, the cruise takes about 2 hours. Our cruise boat is called Pichamon. Pichamon have 3 stories decks, with rooftop (sun-conditioned) and 2 more compartments which is chilled (air-conditioned). Free unlimited coffee, tea and cold water is being supplied at Pichamon.

Here's the photos of our ride on Pichamon. You can enjoy the sea breeze, and see the beautiful archipelago of the Andaman Sea.

Lonely fisherman...
Bright skies
The Faraway Land
Jello The Jellyfish
As I cant withstand the heat of the sun, i entered the air-conditioned compartment with TianChad. It's really cold down here that you wish you have blanket with you!
Really comfortable!

We were supposed to leave at Phi Phi Island, but the boat is making 2 rounds to Phi Phi, so we were told that we will be going snorkelling at Maya Bay!
(Check out my upcoming post for Maya Bay)

About 12pm, we arrived safely at Phi Phi Island.

The moment we stepped into the island, we are welcomed by the ticket counter. =.="
(Payment to keep the island clean)

Then only we are welcomed by the beautiful waters.
It truly mystifies me that the water is actually transparent/translucent!
(cant find the right word for it)
and fishes seemed to be always hungry and snatching for bread.

A walk at Phi Phi Island during daytime...

We then checked into our rooms here. Was surprised to know that this is the largest resort of the island.

The rooms are neat and nice. Unfortunately the bathroom is a little narrow.

At about 7pm, we all wanted to go for a stroll and look for food.

but the stormy clouds came real fast.

There were huge strike of lightning every minutes, and in no time, the skies turned dark, and fierce.
Coconut trees were standing tall despite the strong winds.

Another thing that mystifies me about Phi Phi is that their evening skies are purple in colour during storm.

Unique isn't it?

We have our dinner at the Beach Terrace opposite our hotel. The food wasn't impressive, and i didn't have much photos there. So i guess, i just skip it out.

But we went to Restaurant Chao Koh for supper.


There's many ways to have your lobster cooked. Ours is something butter and cheese. Very fragrant and mouthwatering.

Second option is to have it naturally grilled. I prefer this as we could taste the natural sweetness of the lobster flesh. But the one served here is too dry for my liking. It feels like eating rubber band. T_T

After supper, we went to sneak on the Fire Show at the nearest pub.

Phi Phi is an interesting island. The front portions are filled with thai shops. While if you walk into the back portion, you can find most europeans gather there. Even shops and restaurants are very western-oriented. With the pubs, clubs and music, you can party all night long here.

Cruise trip daily tour Phi Phi Island: 500baht (according to a local guide)
Lunch @ Phi Phi island: Provided by tour.
Dinner @ Beach Terrace: approx 300baht/pax
Lobster: 1200-1400 baht each (depending on size)

Additional info about Phi Phi: The waters supplied at this island is quite salty. Salty showers, salty swimming pool, even salty coffee and tea. The floors of hotel is sticky because of the salty waters. There's no other choice but to bear with it. =) Experience some saltiness may be good for you!

Coming next: Maya Bay!


Kelvin said...

Its like a purple storm about to come!

Vicky 刘宁 said...

how do you know that he jellyfish name is jello? o.O LOL, and..... I want the lobster!! T.T

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

@Kelvin, it's very scary..the wind so strong until i walk sideways.

@Vicky, i named it myself! kekeke

ohmywtf said...

aiyo...nice pictures! never been to phi phi..