Wednesday, May 19

Phuket: Beaches of Patong


Here's the blogpost about Beaches of Patong that i promised you yesterday.

Patong is the main tourist attraction in Phuket. In 2004 tsunami, Patong was one of the places badly affected, and many, had lost their lives here. Me and my friends came here with the aim of relaxing our minds. Nonetheless, we are all aware the power of nature upon humans.

We were lucky that we arrived just in time for sunset on our first day at Patong Beach. Our Hotel, Patong Bay Garden Resort was just right beside the beach. Just a few steps from the pool, we can see the glorious beach right in front of us.

Despite calm weather, the waves at Patong Beach is more ferocious than the waves in Malaysia.

The scenery was beautiful. This beach is mainly occupied by westerners. We can see westerners sun bathing, jogging, walking the dog and swimming by the beach.

Although the sun is scorching hot, the seaside is very windy and cooling.

Patong beach is indeed a relaxing place. Almost everyday, you can find this dog lying down on the white sands.

Doggy was rather friendly...

And photogenic too!

At a glance, Patong Beach may look ordinary. Warm waters, greyish coloured sea. But the waves are strong and if you walk deeper down, the waters are actually CLEAR. It is believed that after the destructive tsunami, the Patong Beach waters have became clearer.

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Ken Wooi said...

reminds me of redang.. haha..
and the dog is adorable =)

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

cute right~ its a stray dog i believed, everyday it'll be at the beach, and at night it'll sleep in front of a shopping complex's door.

Kelvin said...

Hahaha, smiling dog. I dun think its a stray dog, it looks very clean to me:)

Dori Lukey said...

i like the dog. if iti's in msia, sure get caught d

ohmywtf said...

wahthe dog sure looked like he is smiling! :-)

Vicky 刘宁 said...

the dog is kawaii neh!! :D

gbeejipp said...

nice post on Patong. Somehow i think beaches in Patong are quite ordinary actually. We've got better beaches in Malaysia. Westerners go there for its wild party I think. IMHO. :-)

gbeejipp said...

Oh and beach is full of dogs too. Hehe.