Sunday, May 16

Overview: My Holidays in Phuket

I've been back from Phuket for less than 48 hours and friends have been sms'ing me, and calling me to ask some tips and tricks on holiday in Phuket.

I'm sure everyone would like to have a good and deserving, not to forget memorable trip to this beautiful island.

So here i am, posting some informative stuff for a start:-

Phuket is a big island~ The one that i stayed was Patong Beach- The largest beachside of Phuket.

Here's the schedule.

Me and my friends booked our tickets on August 2009- Air Asia Promo deal.

We wanted relaxing holiday, so we had a combination of packed + free&easy trip for 5days 4nights.

We got a tour from Malaysia for a very reasonable price (5D/4N): RM755.00
Day 1: City tour Accommodation: Patong Bay Garden Resort
Day 2: Phi Phi Island trip, Accommodation: Phi Phi Cabana Resort
Day 3: Free & Easy @ Patong Beach
Day 4: Free & Easy, we add on a tour to Khai Islands. (Add 600baht)
Day 5: Free & Easy

A detailed schedule is as follows:-

Overall, it was a memorable trip. We did the right choice by choosing a hotel (Patong Bay Gardens Resort) that is located just nearby to Bangla Road (approx. 5 mins walk).

Patong Bay Gardens is also linked to the beach directly. Approx. 3mins walk.
We had sunset view and sunrise breakfast everyday.

If you plan to go Phuket soon. These are some information that may be useful to you.

Air flight via Air Asia (return tickets): RM188.00
Tour + Accommodation (Patong Beach + PhiPhi Island): RM755.00
Khai Island tour: 600baht
Food: Approx. 300baht/meal (depending on what you ordered)

Exchange rate in Malaysia: RM1 = 10.25 baht
Exchange rate in Phuket : 100 baht = RM9.742
*as of May 2010*

How much $ I spent there: RM500 (approx)
If you love partying + drinking liquour, please bring more $$$ because liquor is very cheap there. Eg. Absolut Vodka, 2 bottles (1L each) for 1000baht.

I'll prepare a more detailed post soon! So stay tune..



Ken Wooi said...

oh phuket!
the last time i was there was back in 1997.. lol.. still a kid that time =P

papabear said...

have not been to thailand but heard about the nice places in phuket :)

M-Knight said...

the sunset is beautiful...

Kelvin said...

Wah, Absolut Vodka so cheap there?!

istanbul tours said...

If I'd known how good PTT were going to be I'd have done every tour they offer, not just two. I did Phra Nang Speedboat tour and Phi Phi Speedboat tour - both hosted by Both days were excellent and highly recommended., so obviously written by competitors - you only have to look at the 'person' to know!

You get to see so much and learn so much on PST trips. Everyone onboard is friendly and it's like going on a day out with a large extended family. When booking tours solo it's always a gamble if you'll be the 'odd one out' or accepted by other travellers - on PST everyone accepts you. Travelling solo on PTT has it's perks too, I had Captain John in my kayak and we had a great chat about what we were seeing and took some great shots of the wildlife.

You'll never go hungry on a PST trip either. I have significant food allergies that can make travelling in Thailand a real hassle. Elise at PTT said 'no problem' and I had so much food that I didn't need dinner on return from either trip! They cater for all sorts of dietary needs. You'll never have a chance to dehydrate with the crew always offering complimentary water, sodas and iced coffees all day long..

tour operators and the crew are just lovely. John's like an uncle to everyone onboard and he knows everyone at the stops. He'll tell you things you always wanted to know about Thailand .

Worth every penny, worth more.