Wednesday, May 5

I Want To Be SEXY!!!

On 1st of May i was in Genting Highlands~
My secondary school mate were having outing there and i was supposed to meet them up.
However, they were late, and we were upset with the horrible experience at Pizza Hut (read here).

Since we had nothing to do, Me and XeRoZ walked around...XeRoZ hate crowded areas, thus, i had to entertain him with something he liked the most-Photography (and me).

No choice lor, have to pose~

WARNING: I am not a professional model, not pretty or sexy, never been shoot as an object before (except for competition purpose). I am not liable for any injuries (physical or mental) after viewing these photos.

Title: A Melancholy Smile

Title: An Ugly Face

Title: This One Not Bad

Title: Imperfect Smile

Title: Please Remove Your Bra Strap

Title: Bell Flower is Prettier Than Me

Okay, here comes the most glamourous photo!
The one everybody leaves comment on my Facebook =.="

Title: Lips-biting + Leopard Print = HIAO!

I know I'm not pretty. I think the whole world, the ONLY person i can win in terms of beauty is Lady Gaga. (seriously!)

I wish i have perfect lips (without mole)
Crystal green eyes,
flawless skin..
and of course,


Be careful of what you wish for...


TianChad田七 said...

haha the last photo!
Ur real person looks better than a piggy on last photo

Lisa! said...

I actually really think you look gorgeous :) :D

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

0_o the last photo scared the sh*t out of me babe!!!

Hp said...

wow, the last photo look classic! haha

Vicky 刘宁 said...

LOL! the last photo freak me out of the chair! XD i prefer the 2nd last ^^

Kelvin said...

I got a shock at the last photo XD
Thought my pc is haunted lol

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Okies, now i know my photoshop skills have horror effect. =(

Actually when i edit, i frightened myself too! haha...

@Lisa: oh..thanks for your complement.

@LiLHypPo~ Sorry! Hope your sh*t doesnt really come out.

@Hpility: classic'ly terrifying?

@Vicky: HAHA sorry if you got frightened.

@Kelvin: if your PC is haunted then i'm the ghost? HAHAHA

marccus said...

ignore all photos..
the last photo, Phhhhewwwwwitt!! =D

hahhahahahah XD

Cayenne said...

ouch the last photo! hHAHA.

Spicy Mother said...

I think you really win Lady Gaga lor... her outlandish costumes really turn me off leh.